„Xmas brings always a birched butt…“ – spontaneous shooting yesterday

Yesterday my Swiss slave visits me and decided spontaneous to film that session by an other house slave. If I’ll find the time I’ll subtitle the movie in English. But here are the first pictures – yes it was funny as you can see because a slave never get a present – he always get the birch on Xmas ;-)

Wish you a merry Xmas ,

XmasCaning01 XmasCaning02









Keywords: Madame Catarina, spanking, birching, whipping, corporal punishment

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15 Kommentare zu „Xmas brings always a birched butt…“ – spontaneous shooting yesterday

  1. Sklave sepp sagt:

    Fantastisch und souverän wie immer
    Einfach Madame Catarina die einzigartige

  2. ayck sagt:

    Merry Christmas, MADAME CATARINA

  3. there is a need of trailor…

  4. Victor sagt:

    Lovely. Definetely lovely. I wish I could ever feel that red kiss from you! Bloody red, indeed… :-)
    I will watch this movie when available. In the meantime…Frohes Fest und ein gutes neues Jahr, Madame Catarina!

  5. Frank sagt:

    Bloody Christmas, what a mess!!!
    Will buy this video, looks great!

  6. Wriggler sagt:

    It looks an excellent video indeed Madame Catarina. Happy New Year to all.

  7. Frank sagt:

    Saw the video, it is great and you look soooo stunning in those leather jodpurs and boots! Anyway I think you have filmed even harder movies…;-D And of course I hope to be on that bench someday…
    Thk Madame Catarina!

    • I’m the only one beside of the slave who can say how hard it was! I’m really tired of all the big mouther’s here in my blog. Neither marks or the amount of blood is an indication for the pain level.
      And something more, big mouther’s will always write in my blog but never be on my bench…like you.

  8. Dear MC,
    In INDIA, many gentlemen want to be on this bench, because of your fan.
    Really madame, you are the best mistress.
    your style of caning is amazing, nonstop continue long time hard caning is my dream.
    Plz GOD its my 1st and last wish

  9. Mcslave sagt:

    Dear MC,

    Will this great video have a second part?

    Thank you!

  10. Tom hans sagt:

    I would like to know how to purchase your membership in:domina-movies.com?

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