Hello Fans and slaves,

don’t forget my birthday at the 8th of December!
You don’t know what kind of present a women like me prefer?
Here are some ideas:
Northbound Gift Certificate
Ars Vivendi Wishlist
Amazon Wishlist
Gift Certificate Lipservice

An other possibillity is to send me an gift card about Amazon: German or English

Thanks to all, who will send me presents, flowers, postcards or emails in forward.

Madame Catarina

28 Kommentare zu Worship

  1. serf-ram sagt:

    I propose announce the collection of money for notebook! Birthday of a great holiday. Need help our Mistress! I am willing except the gift make a contribution 100 Euro for notebook.

  2. Danny Wu sagt:

    send me your bank account details!

  3. Caneboy sagt:

    Verehrte MADAME CATARINA ,

    ich würde mich auch gern an der Sammlung für ihren neuen Laptop beteiligen .

    Beste Grüsse



    I would also like to participate in the Collection for her new Laptop.

    Best Regards


  4. serf-ram sagt:

    Sorry, I’ve decided earlier congratulate you on your birthday. This is a great holiday for me!
    Today I bought you some gifts. I think you get those gifts on his birthday. I hope you will like these gifts …
    have a nice day,
    YOUR serf-ram

  5. Dodo sagt:

    Goddess Madame Catrina
    i am a new worshiper slave dream to be under Your Holy Boot , please Goddess sent me Your email address to contact You about how i can make You Happy from me IN our Holy day 8 of december ….
    Yours dodo

  6. Caneboy sagt:

    die Idee mit dem AMAZON-Gutschein per E-Mail ist hervorragend , ich habe bereits
    einen Gutschein auf den Weg zu ihnen geschickt , damit sie noch vor ihrer
    Geburtstagsreise den neuen Laptop bestellen und auch mit auf die Reise nehmen können.

    Beste Grüsse


    the idea of the AMAZON – voucher via e-mail is great , I have already on the way
    to a coupon sent to them so that they , before their Birthday trip to the new
    laptop now and take along for the trip.

    Best regards


  7. slave peter sagt:

    Dearest Madame Catarina

    As always, it is an honour to be able to send you gifts, especially on your birthday.
    The 8th December should be a day of celebration across the globe. Any slave lucky enough to see your image has no choice but to become your total and utter slave. You are the ultimate goddess and the high priestess of pain and degradation. It is an honour to serve you in any little way.

    I am sure your legions of slaves across the world will take time to think of you on this special day and offer you their best wishes and devotion. I know I shall be.

    You remain my inspiration and guiding light

    Slave peter

  8. serf-ram sagt:

    Herzlichen Gluckwunsh zum Geburtstag!

  9. Caneboy sagt:

    Verehrte MADAME CATARINA ,

    herzlichen Glückwunsch zu ihrem heutigen Ehrentag und alles alles Gute für sie.

    Beste Grüsse


  10. slave peter sagt:

    alles Gute zum Geburtstag

  11. Vitacit sagt:

    Your eyes is very seductive.

  12. xaver sagt:

    Hochverehrte MADAME CATARINA,

    auch wenn ich SIE bisher noch nicht persönlich kennen lernen durfte, verehre ich SIE schon seit langem.
    Ich wünsche IHNEN wundervolle Feiertage und einen tollen Übergang in das Jahr 2011.

    IHR SIE bewundernder sklave xaver

  13. toyboytoni sagt:

    Dearest Madame Catarina,

    I am an educated sexslave from my mistress Tish and an admiring lover of your femdom style. I am her rental boy, consider the Mistress is 29years older but still she got t all.
    If i get send to other dominatrixes its only for penalty and for pleasure of the mistress.
    What would we like t to meet Your gorgeus mistress being, serving and taking.

    If my Mistress is in a good mood she will chasity me in order to protect her propertie for Extreme bullwhipping.
    I can handle a lot but i m not the terminator.

    Im half german half dutch and raised like that.

    alles Gute zum Geburtstag

    Grtz toyboytoni

  14. puppet sagt:

    dear madame catarina ,
    i send a email to your email:info@madame-catarina.com.could you give me a reply.

  15. suckingslut sagt:


    Your scenes at the farm, are they available to someone who might want to book a real time session with You Madame Catarina?

    And can you force me to suck another slaves cock? I would like to do this while a Domme guides.


    • Hello,
      yes the farm is free to bocking with some lead time but the stables has no heater.
      The cellar can be heated a bit.
      To your second question I guess we should talk about per email..
      Kind regards,

  16. Caneboy sagt:

    Happy Birthday MADAME CATARINA !

    I wish with all my heart happy birthday , good health , happiness and joy remain ,

    they just as they are , they are the best .

    With great respect ,


  17. newsbeast sagt:


    I love forced-bi scenes with a good mix of corporal disclipine. The carrot and stick approach. So you have a pair of reluctant slaves that are contestants to see who wins the choice of being sucked or doing the sucking, after each suffers for You a long session of corporal punishment. The winner, decided by You, would have the choice. The one who took the most strokes before using a safe word, for example. But most important You decide how the prize of choice is won.

  18. Bad student sagt:

    A gift for Her happy birthday !
    Madame Catarina is so worshipped
    I propose that all her worshippers send a gift
    It will be beautiful

  19. Bad student sagt:

    It will be in a few weeks the birthday of Mme Catarina.
    I proposed again a tsunami of gives from allher worshippers

  20. Bad student sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina
    I want to wish You a very beautiful birthday. for a beautiful year
    I expect You’ll receive today my gift

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