Vacation 10/30/2012 – 11/11/2012 round trip India

I really liked Italian food but now I also like Italian slaves ;-) Thanks to slave m.







Some more pic’s, much more at MCinema -> Pictures -> Private

























I’m back from my vacation, unfortunately with a flue from to much air condition. But the most horrible thing is that somebody has stolen my lovely new Samsung Galaxy S3 at the
Taj Mahal tomb, this pictures is the last one where I hold it in my hand ;-(
Because my birthday is in less then 4 weeks and x-mas is also not far away I’ve put the Smartphone and some gift certificates at my Amazon wish list:
I’ll be very happy to get a new one.
Thanks to all in advance!

Kind regards,
Madame Catarina



During this time I’ll not able to answer emails or comments in the blog!

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9 Antworten auf Vacation 10/30/2012 – 11/11/2012 round trip India

  1. ram sagt:

    Hope that you will drive safely and have a good trip!
    Waiting for good pictures!

  2. Emilio sagt:

    Enjoy your trip and a good vacation Supreme MC :D
    I think in India you can a find a wonderful real leather bullwhip… :D

  3. ram sagt:

    This is a small problem. You have many fans. I think every fan will help you.
    I hope you had a good vacation?
    When you can see your pictures from India?

  4. ram sagt:

    Thank you, all is well.
    I’ll wait!

  5. Caneboy sagt:

    Hello dear MADAME CATARINA ,

    thanks for the great holiday pictures ,

    they are very fascinating insights , thank you !

    Best regards


  6. ram sagt:

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures.
    You have a very interesting life. This is great!

  7. slave paul sagt:

    Lufthansa Business Class? very nice :)

  8. jayant sagt:

    mam please next time when you come to india dominate me,i will be serve you from my heart.I want to start the femdom studio in india,can you help me?

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