Today 04/20/2015 shooting with my Swiss CP slave … it is not only a normal shoot it is also a test if he is dare enough for being our all slave actor for Stuttgart. Can he take the cane from 4 Ladies? The whip? What do you think?
Or should I treat him better with care to have more fun in Stuttgart Let me know!



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12 Kommentare zu Today 04/20/2015 shooting with my Swiss CP slave …

  1. Anonymous sagt:

    God day Madame Catarina
    Hope You are well, think Your slave will do It good
    You will be proud over him, bcos he is proud over being Yours
    have a nice day / s

  2. Fabio sagt:

    I think you should first try some whips and cane and if his reaction is already suffer you change to treat him more soft but always with bizzarre humiliations and punishment, anyway he must be proud have occasion to be your slave


  3. slave tomas sagt:

    Just to be allowed to be Your slave Madame is a treat alone.
    A slave should not expect any special treatment, but if You Madame feels like it when you whip or cane him perhaps some mercy could be shown to spare him until you later when You all 4 Ladies will go to work on him. , but only if it pleases You Madame.
    If he was a bootslave he could be at your mercy at your Gourgeous boots as You punish him with a riding crop or smaller whip as he cleans your boots and the floor you walk on but since he’s a CP slave that’s not a theme.

    Your humble admirer
    slave tomas

  4. Fabio sagt:

    Good Job MC and also very nice boots

  5. slave tomas sagt:

    Fantastic pics. from your shooting.
    You are a true Divine Madame, the outfit You wear is awesome in my eyes.
    So extremly dominant and exquisite, the slave is degraded into nothing compared to Your beauty.
    For a slave to be whipped or caned by a Madame like You is the ultimate honour.

    Your humble admirer
    slave tomas

  6. Emilio sagt:

    Madame Catarina like Safari woman hunter ;)

  7. Chris sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    you look so pretty, sexy in this outfit, but in your eyes, i can see, how much you like it, to spank and torture a fixed slave.
    thank you for the nice preview,
    best greetings

  8. frank sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    I suggest you give him a stern whipping, so he gets an idea about what to expect in Stuttgart ;-) … hope you agree.


  9. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    You look soooo gorgeous in jodhpurs and boots!! As for your open question, I must say that, for me, the hardest the better…This Swiss slave looks very resistent…

  10. Antonio sagt:

    You look soooo gorgeous in jodhpurs and boots! Very nice boots!

  11. scout sagt:

    Do you whip women as well ?

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