Shootings today..

Click to by the movie/clips on the pictures below:


HumanBootJack01 HumanBootJack02 HumanBootJack03
























with Chris, the actor from Dr. Psycho – any ideas?

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8 Antworten auf Shootings today..

  1. Victor sagt:

    Dear MC,

    I’m sure you do not need many sugestions, but I would love to see you in heavy balls torture: I mean trampling (even digging your heels), caning (not just tapping but making them become blue, with some good bruises) long needles through them, ballbusting… But you will need a hard masochist, surely…Just a fantasy. Anything will work if it comes fom you!

  2. rokka sagt:

    Would be great to see some VERY strict CFNM-based stiff-cock whipping.
    With lots of black and blue bruises. Smacking his erect penis down with her elegant leather gloves…

    Just thinking of you in expensive leather-trousers, knee-high boots stuck into it – lovely and adorable…

  3. BiG FAn sagt:

    trampling with high heels, bloody caning till break the cane, hanging heavy weight on balls and riding on ponyboy.
    it will be great fun.

  4. sam sagt:

    teacher seam nylons, foot worships perfect…!

  5. Chris sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    a kidnap roleplay: overwhelmed a agent, pantyhose bondage, foot fetish (
    perhaps a narcotics on the tights if he has to smell your stockings) and interrogation.

    devoted greetings

  6. Sklave O sagt:

    Tolle Bilder,da wäre man gerne in dieser Situation .
    Ihre Augen und Ausstrahlung einfach genial zum Niederknien.
    Freu mich jetzt schon auf Keuschhaltung.
    in Verehrung Sklave O

  7. Fabio sagt:

    Dear MC
    good shoots, with leather pants you are wonderful


  8. Slave K sagt:

    I’m so jealous.
    Madame Catarina you are gorgeous! I wish I were there instead of this lucky slave.
    To be under your control is my dream.

    Thanks for your great work

    Your slave.

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