Shooting with Mistress Rouge from UK today

We had so much fun with this two new filming slaves…
Keywords for the movie „Slave trade“: CBT, cock and ball whipping, torture, bondage, two mistresses, corporal punishment, slave trade, leather, kidnapping, single tail, riding crop, Mistress Rouge UK, C4S    MCinema

First clip is out now:

Here is the story: „You thought slave trade is over? A relict from the past? No – in a matriarchy it’s a common practice. But first the men has to be captured and then broken. This is the business of Madame Catarina…“

SlaveSell_MitressRouge01 SlaveSell_MitressRouge03























We expecting one or two slaves – let’s see who/how much are dare enough.

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4 Kommentare zu Shooting with Mistress Rouge from UK today

  1. Sklave K sagt:

    Im Käfig sieht es gemütlich aus :)

  2. Slave K sagt:

    Es wäre mir eine Ehre…
    Ich kann es kaum erwarten wieder vor Ihren Stiefeln zu liegen…

  3. Leather Lady sagt:

    Excellent work ladies, so good to see dominant leather clad women claiming their right to own and trade male slaves! Long may the supremacy of us leather clad women continue!

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