Shooting today with Bootlicker as Madame’s doggy

Here are the first pictures from yesterday where I’ve had really much fun.
It’s not easy to handle high heels with doggy paws…
The movie comes out  MCinema at the 8th of June.

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13 Antworten auf Shooting today with Bootlicker as Madame’s doggy

  1. puppet sagt:

    expecting pictures! a tight leathered outfit and a pair of riding boots.

  2. Japanese slave sagt:

    gorgeous pics,
    I seriously want to become your slave.
    I really worship Madame Catarina.

  3. Caneboy sagt:


    breath-taking pictures , thank you for it.

    Best regards


  4. Emilio sagt:

    Thank you SUPREME MC for the pictures….
    Wonderful food from yours favoulos boots…
    Next time mat be with dirty boots with mud… :D

  5. Ledertraum sagt:

    Absolute awesome ..thank you so much….i wish i could be also your slave in one of your productions… I kiss your boots

  6. Otto sagt:

    Thanks for playing the foot theme…both of your stockined feet on the slave face is a wonderful view! Should be nice to see it with an unmasked slave, could you play it in one of your next clips?
    Is possible to put the text „“ during clips on top right of the screen in little text….some wonderful clips are disturbed by a so big text…some old clips that I bought had it instead in the bottom of the screen over the main action :-(.
    I had a foot session with you years ago, the best of my life, is possible to meet you again? If so I will arrange some days to Berlin as soon as I can.
    Thank you.

  7. Caneboy sagt:


    Verehrte Madame Catarina,

    dieses Movie bietet wieder eine gute und amüsante Unterhaltung ,

    es ist ein echter Genuss , sie bei der konsequenten Erziehung zu beobachten ,

    sicherlich hätte in dem Fall auch “ Martin Rütter “ seine helle Freude daran

    und würde diese schnellen Lernerfolge lobend zur Kenntnis nehmen ;-)

    Beste Grüsse


  8. VICTOR sagt:

    Hello Madame catarina,

    Wonderful pics! You are sooo beautiful!!

    By the way, it seems all the references to last movies with Caneboy have disappear here and in your domina-movies site, is there any issue with them?

    I’m asking you that because I was waiting forward for your next caning movie after „The revenge“, which was incredible!

    Thank you Mistress!

  9. sklave 67 sagt:

    Sehr geehrte Herrin,
    Dieses Video und Photos sind wieder mal ein Traum,
    Wie gerne wäre man selbst mal in der Situation ihr Hund zu sein.
    In Verehrung
    Sklave Olaf

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