„Hidden torture farm – Agant ONE testing the spy“ Shooting at 09/26/2013

..this is really a hard nut to crack!
I guess more tests will be necessary.

Farm_AOII_03 Farm_AOII_02























Hidden Torture Farm: „Agent ONE trains the spy for her own end and goals.“
As a kind of second part Agent ONE has interrogated and broken the spy.
What do you think about when she wants to use him for her own goals? But I guess
there is some extreme hard training necessary ..isn’t it?

What are your ideas?


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12 Kommentare zu „Hidden torture farm – Agant ONE testing the spy“ Shooting at 09/26/2013

  1. Fabio sagt:

    Supreme MC
    is very good news that you will do second part. I think now is moment to training him with hards task inside dirty farm,and every times that he wrong you punish him torture balls and nipples with different whips and bullwhip. of course make him cum at end and clean your boots. Anyway will be sure good shooting, have nice fun


  2. Slave pj sagt:

    Dearest Madame Catarina
    Are you sure you have broken the spy? They can be very tricky characters.
    Maybe best make sure he is under your control by testing his devotion.
    Maybe you could tease him a little by tethering his balls and almost allowing him
    To lick your boots, use him as an ashtray before promising to allow him the honour of licking his cum from your boots….you might like to see how much he wants this by testing h with cbt and whipping…..
    Whatever you do it is bound to be fantastic

    • Oh yes – they can be very very tricky ;-)
      I’ll check his loyalty tomorrow…

      • Anonymous sagt:

        Dearest Madame Catarina
        Looking at the photos I think you can safely say his loyalty has been well a truly checked! As always you look absolutely divine and as if you are enjoying yourself with your new toy. But as you say best to make sure ….I am sure you will have to test him again and again and again in the future…..just to make sure

        Slave pj

        • ..that’s what I’m thinking too – never trust a slave but never ever a spy ;-)

          • Slave pj sagt:

            Dearest Madame Catarina
            Oh so true…slaves are untrustworthy and need to be tested and controlled continually…but a spy slave…he must be really untrustworthy and need even more testing and control…looking forward to seeing how you keep him in line

  3. kenji kikuchi sagt:

    In front of the spy, madame kills the rabbit stomping boots. The face of the spy, the pistol to strike skimmed. Madame burns the eyes and face spy by cigarettes. Of it after having caught the limbs of spy,ball kicking up continuous ruthless by Madame.

  4. frank sagt:

    How about some mean and extended waterboarding? … or if that is too heavy for him, then how about torturing the victim with a plastic bag over his head?
    For a change and short break, I’d suggest full force beatings with the singletail on his back ;-)
    The victim should be of course at all times tightly secured, with his hands cuffed behind his back.

  5. Fabio sagt:

    Very good, i wait when will be avaible clips.. nice work
    thank you MC

  6. kenji kikuchi sagt:

    I am sorry request to animal crushing.

    In what kind of way did madame crush the nuts this time?
    It is very excited.

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