New movie shoot today 25/06/2015 Caning!

For all who asked permanent and annoyed me a lot: the movie is out now on my C4S






Chapter four



Good morning,

still don’t not know how the actor feels but I know what I have done yesterday ;-)
Yes – he will be absolutely one of my new favourite caning actors! I used at first a flogger
an a paddle for warm up, a carpet beater and then single Tail and different Canes….
And just for the pointy-headed – this is NO ketchup!!! And for the faint of heart – I also
except boot and foot worshipper ;-)

The release of this movie I will let you know here.

CaningNewActorTest CaningNewActorTest02











A new actor – formal client of mine – wants to become a part of my movies.
I think for all hard and extreme caning lovers will be this movie a new Olympus…
But let’s see and decide after the shoot this afternoon – I’m surprised too.

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A hood hiding the face which is the most expressive part of a person so the hood or mask makes the slave a thing – but a GAG makes them useful!” MC

The book “Venus in fur” was a guiding light for me from the very beginning and through so many years of my Fem Dom-Life. Then came Sardax, who brought to paper what was always in my mind: The Lady in fur, long single tails, helpless crawling slaves, trying to escape from the whip or just being the comfortable furniture for the authority figure…YES this is how I understand slavery. And if someone like Sardax asks you to be “a model” for one of his drawings always the answer will be YES!

Nearly one year ago the drawings were finished and published in September 2014 in the Japanese magazine “Megami-no-ai” which means ‘Love of Goddess’and the title of the set was “Gag Shop”. Immediately I asked one of my Japanese clients to buy me a copy and send it to me. Wow! That was really something special!!! Also I need to say that there were all together four drawings featuring other internationally well-known Mistresses. These were Mistress Akella from London, Mistress Ezada Sinn from Bucharest and Lady Victoria Valente from Stuttgart.

And then came the email from Mistress Ezada. Were we interested in meeting up and recreating Sardax‘ drawings into photographs? Again YES!

It took about several months preparing things like where we should meet, what kind of promotion, how would we organize the slave actors, helpers, chauffeurs and client requests. BUT the main task was to find the perfect photographer, someone able to copy and reconstruct the drawings and best able to handle the “flea circus” of four Mistresses and actors. I was so happy to know just the one, a long term friend of mine: Germinal! And he agreed to participate at our project.

The drawing of me from Sardax shows me in a gag shop while the drawings of the other Ladies are drawn in front of the shop. As location for the gag shop we were happy to find the “Arachne Shop” located in Stuttgart – a special thank you to them! For the other drawings we went to an old railway station outside of Stuttgart.

To make this all happen a lot of organisation was necessary which I confidently gave over to my 24/7 property slave pj. He had to book the flights and hotel. Because he did his job so well I allowed him to join the project. I had ordered him to Berlin two days before flying to Stuttgart to clean my outfits and boots and help packing and organising the last things. Into the luggage went also a lot of gags which I had tinkered with before with my slave actor Bootlicker especially for this project. The luggage for the slave was very light compared to mine: his collar with the medallion “Property of Madame Catarina”, his leash, his white Butler-Gloves and some extra clothes, done.

The promotion-machinery was working hard at a high level and when the day came we took a taxi and went to the airport where – as surprise for me – we spent the time until departure at the Lufthansa Business lounge, pampered with a drink and a light lunch.

We arrived at Stuttgart airport and a slave chauffeur sent by Mistress Ezada took us to our hotel where the other Ladies and slaves had also booked in. We all met up at the lobby and decided to have little dinner together.

Next morning – my property brought my coffee at 7:30 am sharp at my room door and after breakfast we were by the chauffeur slave  to Lady Victoria’s dungeon where a lot of filming and client sessions where to take place. We concluded the day in a nice restaurant.

Saturday – THE day of the photo shoot – The day of recreating Sardax’s drawings came and we were all very excited of course. So many people, actors and slaves were involved but everything worked like Swiss clockwork. Because my part was to be at the shop I was able to watch the shooting at the train station as an observer. This showed me in great detail how the photographer Germinal set the Sardax drawings into photographs. Formidable!

Then the entire big “crew” went to the Arachne Shop to recreate my drawing which was really exciting and fascinating process. A lot of helpful hands transformed the interior of the modern shop into a 50’s style gag shop in minutes making the illusion real.

Again a nice dinner with all the participants finished this day in a nice way. Let me say thanks to Lady Victoria for booking both nice places for our meals!

The next day, Sunday saw more movie shooting and sessions and then my slave and I find ourselves back at the airport where I‘ enjoyed a glass of red wine as the last day of the adventure passed. All four of us Ladies became very close friends over the few days. It was as if we had known each other for years. All slaves did a great job in making our fantasy real.  And my biggest thanks go to Germinal who has done an amazing job.

And this is the result (of a lot of organization, hard work and fantasy):


Next picture of Lady Victoria Valente you’ll find here: Blog

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Movie shoot today: Special guest Mistress Akella from London…

Here we go with the newest pictures from the shoot and of course a selfie ;-)
Can’t say the slave has had a lazy day, from to chauffeur Mistress Akella from the
airport the the hotel, then guide her to my dungeon, cleaning and clearing after
the sessions, helping to dress us up, serving drinks and snacks – and last but not least
late evening we decided to make him our test-slave for the movie shoot ;-)
I guess it was a painful mix between hard cbt&nipple torture under 4 feet in the end….

AkellaMeCBTShoot AkellaMeCBTShootSelfie


















..and a new slave of mine. First pictures as always asap here!

The slave is also my chauffeur and must pick up Mistress Akella from
the airport and bring her to the hotel where she stay. I hope he is doing
a good job – otherwise the movie shoot where he is the slave actor too
will be an unique experience. Guess we will do some hard cbt and nipple
torture and some feet fetish..maybe..I don’t know..stay tuned ;-)     MC



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Mistress Akella back to BERLIN – Double Domme at the capital of Germany

After having a good time in Stuttgart with the Sardax Gag Shop Project also Mistress Akella decided to come back to Germany – to BERLIN! What a perfect idea to offer
the „Berliner’s“ and all other Germans to meet her in person together with Madame
Catarina. Because of the very limited time of the 11th of June afternoon and full 13th of
June session request with deposits are preferred.

Please contact Madame Catarina via for your personal request.


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Meeting again Mistress Ezada Sinn: Movie shoot and German Fetish Ball

Here we are after a long shoot yesterday with fresh pictures! What a day, we have had so much fun – but I guess Bootlicker was in a big trouble – double trouble AND gagged ;-)
Then we ended the day in a cosy note with nice dinner on the terrace of my favourite Italian restaurant – as I said – what a day … ;-)

BL_DT-Gag01  BL_DT-Gag03BL_DT-Gag02



















Very quick and very surprising after Stuttgart I’ll meet Mistress Ezada again on Saturday at the German fetish Ball and on Monday for a double domme film shoot with my slave actor Bootlicker. So stay tuned for the first pictures they will be published here.


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On travel to Stuttgart Sardax Gag Shop Project


Well pampered by my property slave pj with wine at the business lounge.

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From the hidden torture farm




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Madame Catarina ‘Gag Shop’ Story

I love my old apartment at the ‘village ‘. I love the period details, the high ceilings and of course my lovely old furniture. The view is stunning as is the location, so close to the plaza and my favourite shops. When staying here I like nothing better than to spend a lazy morning relaxing and reading the newspapers and magazines before deciding how I will spend the day. This morning was no different and as I sat enjoying my cup of Earl Grey and a cigarette I thought of ways to amuse myself.

I had recently taken ownership of a new slave and as he knelt obediently beside me with his mouth open as a human ashtray I began to think about how to train him better and harder. He was proving a useful addition to my collection and quite amusing, but, like a new puppy needed strict training.


Carefully taking aim I flicked my ash into his mouth and it occurred to me that despite its usefulness there were certain design flaws with a slave’s mouth. It was useful enough for cleaning and licking and some of the noises that came from it during a particularly cruel whipping were quite amusing but as an ashtray it left a lot to be desired. It always seemed the mistress had to aim her ash. Admittedly it was fun sometimes to watch a desperate slave struggle to position his mouth to where he thought my ash might drop only for me to change position and then punish him severely for his failure when he missed it. But on the whole the usefulness of a slave was vastly improved with the addition of a gag. With a gag he could be used as a shoe brush, a floor or boot rag, a floor mop, toilet brush and a host of other things…sometimes it was amusing to see a slave do these jobs with their tongue but it was often too slow, sometimes far better just to attach a gag.

I have a large collection of slaves and a large selection of gags and I like to use the gags to break new slaves, even the most willing needs to be broken and made totally subservient to my will. I knew the gag shop in the plaza had just received some new stock as part of its re-launch and I was interested to see what had arrived. What better way to spend the day than choosing a new gag for training a new slave? I was also keen to meet up with the other ladies of the village and check on how things were going with the planned festivities tomorrow. So stubbing my cigarette out in the slave’s willing mouth I smiled to myself and thought what fun it would be to train my new slave with a new toy.


When training a slave I like to condition him to what I call blind obedience. My slaves exist only to serve and amuse me .Otherwise what would be the point of owning them! It is important that they learn to obey me instantly and unthinkingly as I require absolute control of all my property. As part of their training I like to play blind doggy with my slaves. Hooded, gagged and blindfolded the slave soon learns to walk to heel like any trained dog. Very quickly they learn to obey my voice and the pull of the leash. If not a swift kick in to the cock and balls and a severe beating usually corrects their behaviour.

Before long I was making my way to the plaza and the gag shop with my blind doggy slave in tow. I took a quick look in the window as I approached the shop but the new stock had obviously not reached the window display yet. I opened the door and went in. The shop was a hive of activity with several of my Mistress’ friends busy shopping for new toys. I exchanged pleasantries with Mistress Akella and passed on what I had read in the mornings newspapers about the expected number of mistresses for tomorrow’s event. As Mistress Akella left the shop I spied Lady Victoria Valente making a purchase and Lady Ezada Sinn slipping into the back room.


The four of us had planned something very special for tomorrow and I guessed we were all looking for new toys. I was tempted to follow Lady Ezada into the back room where the ‘specialist’ items were kept. This was usually my favourite part of the shop with so many wonderful devices for inflicting pain on unsuspecting slaves. I knew Lady Ezada would find something to her liking there. I was just about to take a look at what was on offer and exchange some deliciously painful ideas with my friend in the other room when a rather wonderful gag caught my eye.

I am always looking for new ways to use slaves. I have so many of them I need to keep myself amused and this gag looked just right for breaking my new blind doggy slave. I liked the way it encased the whole of a slave’s head whilst keeping him sightless and I loved the way the wide funnel mouthpiece was arranged. It was just what I was looking for. Obviously a funnel on a gag always opens up delicious possibilities, this one was no exception and I had already decided on a new use for a slave.


How wonderful to have a human waste disposal unit and what a way to break the new slave. I loved the idea of the blind doggy slave shuffling behind me on his knees as I placed all manner of things into the wide funnel. Sometimes it might be something nice like my cigarette ash, my spit or as a special treat my golden champagne. Sometimes it might be something not so nice like the things I might find at the bottom of my bin. No matter. I knew within a few hours my little slave would be desperately eager to swallow whatever his mistress decided to feed him.

I signalled to the shop assistant that I wished to purchase the gag and it was to be charged to my slave’s credit card. The assistant respectfully wrapped the gag and informed me it was proving a very popular item and Mistress Akella had bought a similar model only yesterday. Lady Victoria Valente came across and asked if I would bring the gag to the event tomorrow. Laughing I said most definitely.

Later back at my apartment I supervised the slave as he prepared things for the next stage of his training. I watched with satisfaction as he dutifully laid out my whips, nipple clamps, weights and the electrics. I smiled as I watched the slave and saw the mixture of fear and excitement in his eyes as I ordered to bring the bin from the kitchen. Instructing him to kneel before me I fitted him with the leather straight jacket fastening the arm straps tightly. As he knelt helpless before me I removed his regular hood and unwrapped my new purchase revealing the new gag to him for the first time. I laughed at the look of confusion and horror on his face as I fitted the new mask and gag, strapping it all firmly into place.

I lit a cigarette and smiling I announced that I was going to train him as my portable waste disposal unit. I felt a warm thrill of anticipation at the delicious pain and humiliation I was about to inflict as I broke this slave and bent it totally to my will. Tomorrow I might take it to the festival to be used by my mistress’ friends. But I will not tell it this. I would not like to spoil the slave…

Madame Catarina

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Today 04/20/2015 shooting with my Swiss CP slave … it is not only a normal shoot it is also a test if he is dare enough for being our all slave actor for Stuttgart. Can he take the cane from 4 Ladies? The whip? What do you think?
Or should I treat him better with care to have more fun in Stuttgart Let me know!



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When a masters art drawing becomes reality!

May 8h – 10th Stuttgart Sardax – Gag Shop Project with Lady Victoria Valente, Mistress Ezada Sinn, Mistress Akella and myself.
I’m looking forward to meet and shoot with these bdsm femdom stars and let Sardax drawings become reality!


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