Hidden torture farm shooting today 06/18/2014

Here we go with the first pictures from the pool party yesterday – what a nice afternoon in the sun. I’ve just missed a cool cocktail – but if the slave enjoy the same?  I’m not sure ;-)



















26°C in Berlin and around – what a better idea then have some fun at the torture farm with the client from the actually Agent ONE movies  – any idea?



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New shooting again with the marvelous Domina Liza at 2nd June 2014

First pictures from Monday shoot:

DL-MC_01 DL-MC_02


What a nice message as Liza  told me she came back to Berlin for some shooting and of course with me as well. So we’ll meet up at Monday and I have invited my CP slave from Swiss.

The slave will bring some new whips but myself have two new real bulls/ox pizzle sticks.
This is new in my repertoire! Let’s see how it goes…


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Interview mit Madame Catarina geführt von Lady Saskia

Interview mit Madame Catarina geführt von Lady Saskia hier
For English version click here


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Red Ass Day – Residenz Avalon

Bist Du renitent und sehnst Dich nach konsequenter Disziplinierung?

Hast Du erkannt, dass der Weg der Besserung ein schmerzensreicher ist?
Ist es Dir eine Wohltat, die kühle Hand der strafenden Lady auf Deiner Haut zu fühlen?
Erfüllt es Dich mit Genugtuung, mehr aushalten zu können als Dein armer Zellennachbar?
Noch Tage danach wirst Du stolz unsere Zeichen auf Deiner Haut sehen.











Bist Du bereit?
Lady Stella und Lady Malena erwarten Dich!
Special-Guest: Madame Catarina

25. März 2014 von 17-22 Uhr
Kosten: 350 Euro
Anmeldung unbedingt per E-Mail erforderlich: ladystella@ladystella.de

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New shooting 01/03/2014

My Swiss slave brought for a late x-mas present two new whips from a Berlin store. One of them called „Alcatraz-Strap“ – oh no, this is not just a simple paddle… ;-) The second one was a kind of riding crop but made of fiberglas. This is really a horror whip – called „El Bastardo“ – one stroke and the skin is bleeding! I ask myself how stupid can be a slave to bring such horror equipment to me – the answer is – he wants to see me smile! On the second picture you don’t see the end of our spanking session – this picture would not be for the faint….




Tomorrow I’ll shoot some new caning movie.
Any requests for the outfit or the story around?
Kind regards,

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Last shoot for 2013 – 12/18/

What an idea when a a newbie in bdsm wants to visit my dungeon but I kick him by the balls down, capture him and torture him for his first session .. I would call it „thrown into
the deep end“ ;-)

KickedTortured02 KickedTortured03 KickedTortured04 KickedTortured05





















Tomorrow we’ll shoot for the last time this year with the actor of „Agent ONE breaks the spy“ and last part of „Dr. Psycho“.
Any suggestions?

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12/16/2012 Movie making with Bootlicker „Brunch with Bootlicker“

Here we go for the very first pictures of the shooting yesterday in my dungeon kitchen:
Believe me, I have had a lot of fun – but I guess Bootlicker doesn’t ;-)

BL_Breakfast01 BL_Breakfast02












Other working titles:
„Hard breakfast for Bootlicker“ or „No brunch for Bootlicker“

Location: Kitchen

Tell me your ideas, I’ll post the first pictures from movie making asap here.

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News on MCinema

I happily announce a couple of changes to MCinema from January 1st:

– access to all movies as well as clips
– higher update rate
– the WMV format now always features FULL HD resolution

Take advantage of my introductory offer: Place your order until December 31st, 2013
and receive the first month for US$ 39 and all following months at a subscription rate of only US$29.
The regular price from January 1st, 2014 will be US$39 per month.

From now, you may leave comments to movies and photos in the members‘ gallery.
This allows you to leave feedback and in return giving me the chance to tailor my contents to your fantasies and ideas.

I am looking forward to welcome you back in my cinema MCinema next year!

Madame Catarina

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Shooting with Bootlicker 11/18/2013

Autumn – a bad month for Bootlicker
(click to get it here)

Read what Bootlicker say about the shoot:

„This shooting was very exiting for me as Bootlicker;
I couldn’t hardly see very much in the beginning underneath her soles in my Densk masks
I could only taste her mud and filth which i had to swallow a lot- a feeling between extremal sexual devotion
and disgusting, i couldn’t stop sucking her dirty heels and soles in hope to satisfy her… I felt like a bootlicking machine,
my tongue only made for wiping the dirt under the soles of- (next time we should fix her with clamps for this treatment…)
In the second episode madame was looking so gorgeous and erotic, how a Domina must lookalike in my dreams…
Absolutely adorable- i was very glad to be her willingness toy in these scenes
It was so stimulating to be bound and hanging in this helpless way, waiting for her gloves and boots to worship them, being her carpet
and to be treated painfully and dominant. In this two humblers beneath the sole of her wonderful boot i could explode endlessly…“

BL_AutumMud01 BL_AutumMud02















Any suggestions? What kind of outift? Leather, Nylons, PVC?
What kind of story?
Let me know…

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Vacation October

Vacation from 10/09 till 10/25 2012
Please note: no emails can be answered during this period!

Urlaub vom 9.10. bis 25.10. 2012
Es können während dieser Zeit leider keine Emails beantwortet werden.

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