New movie shoot today „Human furniture“


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Nile Adventure – on the path of Agatha Christie

Such a lovely time in Egypt on the path of Agatha Christie and her book „Death on the Nile“, spoiled by my British Butler – read his Blog for more details about the travel:
slave pj blog


NileAdventure02b NileAdventure03b

You can find a clip from that travel on my C4S Store!Click on the picture


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New Website Launch and new Event at the Hidden Torture Farm at October!!!


Click now and make your booking!

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New movie shoot with Bootlicker 08/28/2015 at the HTF

Always when I went to my hidden farm I’m feeling in vacation, almost the weather is
nice and sunny. So I decided to make my Bootlicker my Ponyboy, hitching him up and make a round over the fields – better to get a fat slave in stable ;-)
Later – just for the personal hygiene – I prepared a muddy „bath“ for my horse and let
him lick my muddy boots….

BL_PonyBoy01 BL_PonyBoy02 BL_PonyBoy03 BL_PonyBoy04






























Friday we will go for a shoot on the Hidden Torture Farm with Bootlicker
and film some horse-sulky, trampling and dirty/muddy boot licking. First
pictures as always here. MC

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Review of the Hidden Torture Farm Event August 14th – 16th 2015

NEWS: Next HTF Event will be in October! Dates coming up soon.




Just returned from the HTF Event last weekend here are the first pictures. One of the clients allowed my slave pj to photograph with his smartphone some activities during the event. Read more about the event on my slave pj’s Blog.

HTF01_01 HTF01_02 HTF01_03 HTF01_04 HTF01_05 HTF01_06 HTF01_07 HTF01_08 HTF01_09

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Stop Press- Hidden Torture Farm New Sessions Available

Stop Press- Hidden Torture Farm New Sessions Available


As the start of the special sessions at the Hidden Torture Farm approaches a few rare opportunities to serve Madame Catarina and Lady Stella have arisen. Due to unforeseen circumstances a very limited number of sessions have become available.

These sessions will be for a minimum of two hours in duration and slaves must be able to make their own way to the Hidden Torture Farm and attend at the specified time. There are only a few of these sessions available hence the need to book now!

Tribute is dependent on the type of session and duration and a 30% deposit is required. As a guide only; fees start from Euro 300 for double Dom sessions and Euro 250 for single Dom sessions.

For details of the time slots available, bookings, etc. please contact Madame Catarina or Lady Stella soon as possible at either or

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Two years anniversary of my property and slave pj


My slave pj arrived yesterday eve and has to get locked in his CB immediately – the key hangs around my neck ;-) Then I send him to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant for pick up my dinner, I have enjoyed it at the table – slave pj on the floor next to my dog’s bowl.




Yesterday was the second anniversary of baptising of my slaves and property pj.
Read what he thought about on his Blog

Over tomorrow he will arrive in Berlin for two weeks slave training at my dungeon and privately, assist me at the Hidden Torture Farm Event and I’ll take him to the Avalon Female Court at the 22nd August to show him what happen when he is not willing or disobey.

Of course he must write a slave diary about all the time on his blog…


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Hidden Torture Farm – Special Event – Special Guest Lady Stella

Deutsche Version   –   English Version


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New movie shoot today 25/06/2015 Caning!

For all who asked permanent and annoyed me a lot: the movie is out now on my C4S






Chapter four



Good morning,

still don’t not know how the actor feels but I know what I have done yesterday ;-)
Yes – he will be absolutely one of my new favourite caning actors! I used at first a flogger
an a paddle for warm up, a carpet beater and then single Tail and different Canes….
And just for the pointy-headed – this is NO ketchup!!! And for the faint of heart – I also
except boot and foot worshipper ;-)

The release of this movie I will let you know here.

CaningNewActorTest CaningNewActorTest02











A new actor – formal client of mine – wants to become a part of my movies.
I think for all hard and extreme caning lovers will be this movie a new Olympus…
But let’s see and decide after the shoot this afternoon – I’m surprised too.

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A hood hiding the face which is the most expressive part of a person so the hood or mask makes the slave a thing – but a GAG makes them useful!” MC

The book “Venus in fur” was a guiding light for me from the very beginning and through so many years of my Fem Dom-Life. Then came Sardax, who brought to paper what was always in my mind: The Lady in fur, long single tails, helpless crawling slaves, trying to escape from the whip or just being the comfortable furniture for the authority figure…YES this is how I understand slavery. And if someone like Sardax asks you to be “a model” for one of his drawings always the answer will be YES!

Nearly one year ago the drawings were finished and published in September 2014 in the Japanese magazine “Megami-no-ai” which means ‘Love of Goddess’and the title of the set was “Gag Shop”. Immediately I asked one of my Japanese clients to buy me a copy and send it to me. Wow! That was really something special!!! Also I need to say that there were all together four drawings featuring other internationally well-known Mistresses. These were Mistress Akella from London, Mistress Ezada Sinn from Bucharest and Lady Victoria Valente from Stuttgart.

And then came the email from Mistress Ezada. Were we interested in meeting up and recreating Sardax‘ drawings into photographs? Again YES!

It took about several months preparing things like where we should meet, what kind of promotion, how would we organize the slave actors, helpers, chauffeurs and client requests. BUT the main task was to find the perfect photographer, someone able to copy and reconstruct the drawings and best able to handle the “flea circus” of four Mistresses and actors. I was so happy to know just the one, a long term friend of mine: Germinal! And he agreed to participate at our project.

The drawing of me from Sardax shows me in a gag shop while the drawings of the other Ladies are drawn in front of the shop. As location for the gag shop we were happy to find the “Arachne Shop” located in Stuttgart – a special thank you to them! For the other drawings we went to an old railway station outside of Stuttgart.

To make this all happen a lot of organisation was necessary which I confidently gave over to my 24/7 property slave pj. He had to book the flights and hotel. Because he did his job so well I allowed him to join the project. I had ordered him to Berlin two days before flying to Stuttgart to clean my outfits and boots and help packing and organising the last things. Into the luggage went also a lot of gags which I had tinkered with before with my slave actor Bootlicker especially for this project. The luggage for the slave was very light compared to mine: his collar with the medallion “Property of Madame Catarina”, his leash, his white Butler-Gloves and some extra clothes, done.

The promotion-machinery was working hard at a high level and when the day came we took a taxi and went to the airport where – as surprise for me – we spent the time until departure at the Lufthansa Business lounge, pampered with a drink and a light lunch.

We arrived at Stuttgart airport and a slave chauffeur sent by Mistress Ezada took us to our hotel where the other Ladies and slaves had also booked in. We all met up at the lobby and decided to have little dinner together.

Next morning – my property brought my coffee at 7:30 am sharp at my room door and after breakfast we were by the chauffeur slave  to Lady Victoria’s dungeon where a lot of filming and client sessions where to take place. We concluded the day in a nice restaurant.

Saturday – THE day of the photo shoot – The day of recreating Sardax’s drawings came and we were all very excited of course. So many people, actors and slaves were involved but everything worked like Swiss clockwork. Because my part was to be at the shop I was able to watch the shooting at the train station as an observer. This showed me in great detail how the photographer Germinal set the Sardax drawings into photographs. Formidable!

Then the entire big “crew” went to the Arachne Shop to recreate my drawing which was really exciting and fascinating process. A lot of helpful hands transformed the interior of the modern shop into a 50’s style gag shop in minutes making the illusion real.

Again a nice dinner with all the participants finished this day in a nice way. Let me say thanks to Lady Victoria for booking both nice places for our meals!

The next day, Sunday saw more movie shooting and sessions and then my slave and I find ourselves back at the airport where I‘ enjoyed a glass of red wine as the last day of the adventure passed. All four of us Ladies became very close friends over the few days. It was as if we had known each other for years. All slaves did a great job in making our fantasy real.  And my biggest thanks go to Germinal who has done an amazing job.

And this is the result (of a lot of organization, hard work and fantasy):


Next picture of Lady Victoria Valente you’ll find here: Blog

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