Outdoorshooting with Bootlicker 8/29/2011 temporary title: „Bootlicker as horse“

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tomorrow we will go outside again for an nice movie shoot in the forest.
The weather seems to go nice, not hot or rainy.

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7 Kommentare zu Outdoorshooting with Bootlicker 8/29/2011 temporary title: „Bootlicker as horse“

  1. Emilio sagt:

    I think it’s better with rain…the lady in the car…of course.. :D
    Enjoy and have fun :))

  2. Erol Teksan sagt:

    I don’t know details but it ‚ll be fine.
    If Madame Catarina plays in a movie that will be definitely great.
    Cos you are soooooo impressive Madame Catarina !!!

  3. Goran sagt:

    Beautiful Madame Catarina, i respect Your work, watching Your videos for years, they are really great, also and You are.
    Please, is there any chance to make full weight facestanding video, in high heels ofcourse:) with worn shoes, slightly dirty shoe soles, damn shoe soles are such a turn on.

    oh btw is that audi A4? i noticed You drive just Audi’s.

    on my knees,

  4. stefan sagt:

    Did anyone told you that your ears are beautiful?

    read to lick your shoes clean

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