Next try tomorrow for outdoor shooting 08/06/2011 „Jail House Boot Camp Drill“

Wow what kind of nice summer weather we have had in my favorite forest.
We filming a „Jail House Boot Camp Drill“ theme and I’ve had a lot of fun
to shoo and force the poor actor trough the forest.
I’ll publish the movie in my MCinema at the 19th of August.
Here are the first pic’s:






















we would like to try it tomorrow again.
Has any body some ideas for an whipping outdoor story?
Of course I’ll post the pic’s asap here.

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10 Kommentare zu Next try tomorrow for outdoor shooting 08/06/2011 „Jail House Boot Camp Drill“

  1. Caneboy sagt:

    some references and ideas:

    The wilderer is gotten in the private forest by Madame ,

    the unsuccessful hunter is punished by the lady of the house,

    putrid stallbur without manners needs a hard correction,

    best regards


  2. Emilio..Milan.Italy sagt:

    1)The slave wash
    your car under your cruel whip(pay attention don’t strike also your car….)
    2)You can order to your slave to run in circles while
    you whip him
    3)the best one for me;your slave creep like real worm(may be in the mud or puddle)while you whip him…also he creep at your boots at your leash,you walk backward while he tries to kiss or lick yours boots…and you whip him
    I hope you like my ideas
    With the same devotion
    Slavemilio :D

    • Hello slave milio,

      Four days to late but thanks for your ideas!
      I guess number 2 is interesting for one of my next movies,
      and #3 is close to what we filmed last Saturday. Don’t
      you see the preview pic’s?

      • Emilio..Milan.Italy sagt:

        yes Mc…Of course i see your pictures…it’so close at my idea…eheheh….don’t you like my idea number 1?….the carwash slave….it’s so rare to see…
        I hope one day to have the possibility to make outdoor movie with her…expecially in winter…..the lady in fur and the beast… :D
        slave ragards,emilio
        Slave reguard

  3. Japanese slave sagt:


    This is first my comment from Tokyo.
    I worship MADAME CATARINA,
    You are most beautiful and famous mistress in the world.

    I am a producer of Japanese femdom videos.
    Off course,as for me,male slave.

    My dream is to become MADAME CATARINAs slave.
    Really I want to go to Berlin.
    seriously I worship worship MADAME CATARINA,

  4. Erol Teksan sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina…
    I don’t know how many time I spell or write your name but you are by far the best ever !!!
    Your attitudes and behaviors to a slave are breathtaking.
    Can I send you a story to help your dazzling fetish world my mistress ?
    My Best Regards…

  5. Erol Teksan sagt:

    Here is the story :
    You have a new slave and want to train . So you start to train him.
    Everyday, he licks your boots carefully and feeds from your boot (if you want) lick your feet and toes.
    At the beginning he resist to lick your boot and you forced him with whip and other equipment. Day by day he becomes a good slave and memorizes every detail of your boots and foot.
    One day, another mistress(e.g. miss leni) visits you and you want to show her your new slave. Besides you test your slave’s obedience and loyalty.
    You cover the eyes of slave with a blindfold and he start licking your boots and (if you want) foot to understand who is his mistress.
    After a while, he recognizes who is his mistress and as a reward you give him a bootjob.
    That’s all my misstress. I hope you like the story.
    I wish I am the slave in that story.It’s my dream. Who knows one day it happens :o))
    It can be divided to 2 or 3 parts so you have a good story e.g. boots,feet,whips,obedience like tahat…
    If you like , I can send different story (short or long).
    Or if you give some tags or clues I create a story you like my mistress.
    You are in my dreams my mistress…
    Best Regards,Erol.

  6. Erol Teksan sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina…
    Don’t you like the story ?
    You didn’t say anything :o(

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