Next shooting with Caneboy 3/1/2013

..well, we have had a nice, funny and bloody afternoon: special guest Miss Diana





















Caneboy is now on the way to my dungeon and can’t read this post.
I have invited Miss Diana as a surprise for the 3 years anniversary.
So today we will have a double session ;-)



…a hint? goes on like it starts exactly three years before ;-)


..and maybe a surprise to the 3 years „under my cane party“ ;-)

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44 Kommentare zu Next shooting with Caneboy 3/1/2013

  1. Caneboy sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    oh a surprise, as I am of course very excited ! ;-)

    Best regards


  2. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear MC,

    A new movie with Caneboy? Great!!

    And even a surprise? Perhaps a new kind of dreadful cane….Ouch!

    Oh my Goddess, could you give us any clue about that surprise? And how will you be dressed or what tematic or title will this shooting have?

    Thank you!

  3. Antonio sagt:

    Dear MC, I am also curious to know what is your dress and what the theme. Thank you. Best regards Antonio.

  4. Caneboy sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    They look stunning on any outfit, stylish, elegant and very expressive,

    how should we choose as …



  5. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear MC,

    I would say Leather with tight leather corset,.but I love to see you in lingerie (with corset too) and your highest heels!



  6. Caneboy sagt:

    Sleep 2 more times, then surprise day at MADAME CATARINA !
    I hope I have fun and enjoy this anniversary day. ;-)

    strained greetings


  7. Antonio sagt:

    Hallo Madame Catarina. When will we see this movie on c4s? Good choice invite Miss Diana.

  8. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear MC,

    Wow…You look oustanding !! Lovely lingerie and silk dress!So elegant,sexy and beautiful!! I love it when you are „dressed to kill“ and definitely you kill Caneboy’s ass…lol

    Could I ask you when these last two films will it be uploaded in cinema?

    My Goddess I wish I had ever been in Caneboy’s position…



  9. man sagt:

    So existing to see 2 ladies at work with a slave.
    this happened a long time ago with a similar domina rubberqueen mona…
    i cant wait to see the bootlicker under this double female superior trouble-
    lets see if he can handle 4 heels in his mouth and on his chest and balls… lol
    i imagine him to be facesitted by miss diana and simultanious his cock suffering under madams soles

    devote regards


  10. humble sagt:

    hello MISTRESS
    im your dog from iran.

  11. humble sagt:

    im your dog forever…

  12. Caneboy sagt:


    this 12th Session „Caning-Therapy II“ again was a very big and tough challenge for me, double femdom power, dual effects, a lot of pain, even long after the session.

    My fears, however, go into saying that the. In another sequel, „Caning Therapy-III“ then maybe three powerful ladies are waiting for me, I think I’ll get sick and stay offizielll before this scheduled date, far better. ;-)



    Verehrte MADAME CATARINA ,

    diese 12. Session “ Caning-Therapy II “ war wieder eine sehr große und harte Herausforderung für mich , doppelte Femdom-Power , doppelte Effekte , sehr viel Schmerz , auch lange nach der Session.

    Meine Befürchtungen gehen allerdings dahin , das bei einer weiteren Fortsetzung , “ Caning-Therapy III “ vielleicht dann 3 schlagkräftige Damen auf mich warten , ich glaube , da melde ich mich vorher offizielll krank und bleibe diesem angesetzten Termin besser fern. ;-)

    Viele Grüsse


  13. ArchivalLolo83 sagt:

    Perfect , Strict , Severe Mistress ! punishments , dressage hard for slaves , for …. bad slaves !

  14. TheWhips_slave sagt:

    Interesting scenarios. but if the third part, would be nice to include other practices …………. ball canning, bastinado, full body whipping
    have a much better effect;)

  15. VICTOR sagt:

    Yes, it would be nice to see a full body whipping with of this level of severity…But then perhaps it wouldn’t be called „Caning Therapy“ and it wouldn’t feature Caneboy, obviously. Perhaps another hardcore slave, into that kind of edge play… Or maybe could you, Caneboy, be able to handle a ball caning or a full body whipping too??
    I have no doubt MC would be able to punish your testicles really hard or get the full back of a slave to look like a canvas of blood… :-D

    I would love to prepare myself for such treatments someday at the hands of her…MC is far beyond my dreams of what a perfect mistress (or should I say the woman we all crave for?) because she matches outrageous body and beauty, genuine sadism and professional skills with supreme excellence.

  16. VICTOR sagt:

    Sorry MC, but I do not understand very well your answer, what do you exactly mean?

    Do you suggest we ask for something we could not endure? If so, you are absolutely right. When talking on severe punishments, these ideas are just dreamt sessions or fantasies, not realistic posibilities for the vast majority of us. Me included.

    That is not to say I REALLY crave for it in my mind, and I think I could work hard on it if I were at the hands of a mistress like you.
    Your experience in sadomasochism is far beyond mine and you will well know how your slaves could learn to grow in their masochism and overpass their limits and their pain thresholds.

    I’m a truly and convinced defender of this lifestyle and their goods, also from its therapeutic point of view, and think the main point is to first have the mind in its right place to be able to immerse in this „parallel world“.

    A caning session is not just a pervt thing, it is a ritual and every hard stroke is also a caress at the same time. That allows me to intensely crave for such sessions, wether with me or with anybody else present as it happens your films.

  17. Caneboy sagt:

    Every film of Madame Catarina / MCinema is extraordinary and extravagant, and of particular hardship and real genuine sadism

    I do not know what some people still want to see more blood,
    Powerlessness of the actor? !

    Madame Catarina shows top performance in every movie, it’s a top-class performance, 1 hour or more, hard to beat and very precise,

    Madame Catarina is the absolute The Number ONE!


  18. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear MC,

    I understand now what you meant, but I think that, at least in my case, it is not exact.

    I did answer the previous post from Thewhips_slave, asking for other forms of hard play. And yes, I definetely said it would be great to watch similar movies dealing with bull whipping or ball torture, because these pure caning sessions with Caneboy are simply THE BEST movies so far in internet.

    As I have mentioned some time ago, far before these „hard line movies“, I did know you and even got memberships from your website because I thought you were an outstanding dominatrix and the most beautiful. Of course you still are the number one,but I also affirm your productions are getting better and better as times goes on.

    Films with Caneboy are instant classics because they are a jump in terms of cruelty, which is for our eyes just a fantasy as we are not protagonists…In my case, asking for more and more, is not my wish but my recognition of the excellence of your productions…I have no need for your films to be harder that they actually are, just that sometimes I’m in the mood of saying „let’s go harder“!

    So there is no posible critic towards your movies! They are simply THE BEST.

  19. VICTOR sagt:

    Of course, Caneboy, needless to say I truly admire you! If I could ever endure half of those „therapies“….

  20. Adultman sagt:

    Dear MC,

    I love your Caneboy videos the most. Reason for my liking is the intensity. There are some suggestions however if I may:

    1. I noticed all the canees are not tired up. Wouldn’t it have a better effect to have them tired up to show that they are helpless being caned, and are NOT consending to the caning?

    2. Instead of being in the saloon all the time, how about a change of sceneary? Suggestions include: in the cellar (The first few minutes in „Sergeant MC is beating you to hell“ is the best! I hope you can make an entire video like this.), out in the woods at night, in a real prison, anything makes the audience believe that this is REAL and not some theatrics.

    Best regards,

  21. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear MC,

    I hope you are not offended by my previous commentaries, I tried to explain myself but I think I didn’t do it properly. You are by far the best and most beautiful mistress worldwide and your movies go further than any other. So no possible critic! It is just that we tend to dream beyond the reality, no for their sole cruelty but the perfect ingredients to bdsm heaven!

    So…thank you for bring us these wonders!

  22. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear MC,

    May I ask when will be shooted next caning video?

    By the way, how are you recovering from this session, Caneboy?



  23. i love u MC.
    m great fan of u…….nd wana 2 be ur slave

  24. Actually I wana to test the pain by u….bt a small more
    its excite me..i dont knw why?
    now u
    wud u like 2 give some pain?

  25. PermacaSlap sagt:

    @TheWhips_slave and VICTOR:

    I will not presume to speak for either Madame Catarina or her devoted Caneboy, so let me speak for myself! As a great lover of governess style corporal punishment canings, I have been hooked on Madame Catarina’s caning movies from 2005 when I saw my first clip of her hard and excellent caning scenes. Like the two of you I immediately knew that here was a Female Dominant Caner, who caned her male submissives, the way Governesses in the 18th century caned their pupils, Mistresses caned their slaves, and stern Mothers caned their very naughty sons! Her scenes were real, they were very hard, and the viewer knew without a shadow of doubt that whoever tasted MC’s caning; left her presence knowing he had been punished to the maximum of his ability to endure, and very properly punished, just like the refined ladies of that golden era I mentioned, actually used to punish misbehavior.

    When I watch Madame Catarina’s movies I am fully satisfied with what I have seen, for I know her role-play is at the highest standard, and here severity is really serious stuff indeed. As such I am both thankful and satisfied by what she does in her movies, and do not go around asking annoying questions like, „Can you beat him harder the next time? Can you make him bleed even more than he did the last time?“

    I grew up in a country where my mother and schoolteachers used to cane me very hard for real disciplinary reasons, so I know what feels like to be caned until your bottom is bleeding. Madame Catarina is given us the very best of her caning skills, and we should simply be grateful for what she and Caneboy are sharing with us, and not go around like a greedy „Oliver Twist“ asking for more and more (…just like the main character in one of Charles Dickens novels; who kept on asking for more)!

    Madame Catarina is a human being, and not a machine! It takes a lot of strength and skill to cane somebody as hard as she canes her Caneboy; without leaving him with scars for life. So just simply respect her and be grateful for what she is doing already, and stop being greedy and forever asking for more! And remember also that Caneboy is a person that is made of flesh too. His body is not made of stone, it is made of flesh which can be permanently damaged. As MC’s slave he belongs to her, and of course no good Mistress wants to damage her own property. What do you guys want?

    Do you want MC to kill him before you will be satisfied that she has made a good film? Stop this greediness, and just be grateful for what you have been given. I am nowhere as tough as Caneboy, even though I can take a hard caning too. But my endurance is closer to that of MC’s new actor from Swiss. For now I can only endure a moderately bloody caning. But at least because I get caned severely from time to time by beautiful women (not on camera yet; because my job means I have to be discreet), I know how much energy and skill (on MC’s part), as well as devotion and endurance (on Caneboy’s part), is needed to produce these excellent films we all love!

    Please guys stop complaining, stop being greedy „…vampires…“ Instead be grateful for all the wonders you are seeing, and just simply say,…Thank you Madame Catarina!

    • Wow thx!
      One of the most rich in content posts in that Blog. Thx for write down my thoughts.

      • PermacaSlap sagt:

        Thanks Madame Catarina for your kind reply! It is an honor to watch your beautiful movies! You are a treasure to this world, and a true artist!

        With high respect for a true Lady,


      • PermacaSlap sagt:

        Thanks Madame Catarina for your kind reply! I’m deeply honored that you liked my post, and want to say that you are a joy and treasure to the worldwide BDSM Community! Who else on Earth produces gorgeous and magnificent movies like you do that are so full of action, content, rich story-telling, solid and genuine bdsm substance, smashingly beautiful set decorations, devoted actors, talented camera-personnel, and last but not the least, the presence in them, of the world’s greatest movie-making Domina?

        Your movies are not only superb, they are actually virtually perfect in vision, execution, production, and presentation! As such there is no reason to spoil a perfect thing by changing it. Thank you for giving us (i.e. the whole world (and not just your fans today); for generations to come, will be watching your movies) the fruits of your beauty, intelligence, skills, and talents!

        You are simply said, ….. a genius! And it’s been an honor to enjoy your work! Thank you! :)

        With deep respect,


      • Caneboy sagt:

        Please do not be angry or disappointed, I need some time off from
        the whole BDSM scene to get away and recharge your batteries, sorry.


  26. VICTOR sagt:


    Thank you for your wise words. I truly am with you for everything to are saying, except for that @Victor…Are you talking about previous post of me? Do you know anything about me and how do I think?

    As I said, I think that maybe written words are not very acqurate to explain what someone want to actually say. To put it briefly: there are main diferences when speaking in „fantasy mode“ or in „reality mode“. Maybe a blog sometimes does not paint the line very clearly in some open threads.

    So, I’m sorry, but I cannot feel I made any fault, even when I know that both MC and Caneboy likely thought „this guy is not being very respectul“. Far, very far from the real thing. I wish I have never written those lines, considering the way it was understood.

    Believe me, I’m all for respecting MC and Caneboy. They are new flesh (not pin intended) here. Nobody here has dedicated better words towards MC films as I have done.

    Everybody has a bad day or, more properly here, a „hot fantasy day“, but there is no option to delete one’s post.

    Maybe this open discussion shows the most important thing of all, which is genuine respect and well mannered answers. Hope it will contine this way. MC deserves it.

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