New shooting with Bootlicker 09/02/2013

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Thx for all the ideas but I don’t know that Bootlicker brought this crazy spiky high heels for me, I must use them in the movie:

SpikyHeels01 SpikyHeels02 SpikyHeels03



















Any ideas which way we should go?
Dog play, living furniture…?


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13 Kommentare zu New shooting with Bootlicker 09/02/2013

  1. Emilio sagt:

    You can make dirty boots with mud…food from yours bootsoles..take off cigarettes on the floor with yours boots…also you can command to bootslave to clean lick and polish all yours boots for winter…i hope you like that games….
    Have fun!!!
    One smile..

  2. SLave65 sagt:

    Can be good if test some new slaves to clean off course many pairs of boots,put on cage and make mental terror like hidden or prisoner.then use like forniture,smoking cleaner and many others games

  3. Slave pj sagt:

    Dearest Madame Catarina

    Please, please, please make bootlicker your dog slave again!
    Just an idea but maybe you could feature him as a footstool to start with until you get bored of that game.

    Then slowly (and painfully) convert him into your doggy slave on the cross, with electrics or restraining him like in bootlickers night. When he is converted you could test his obedience by making him lick things up you drop on the floor, rewarding him by allowing him to eat spit from your boots, the floor and his bowl.

    Maybe you could train him to use the brush to polish your boots, restrain him and clamp his mouth open, use him as an ashtray and feed him things. If you are happy with his doggy behaviour you could reward by allowing him eat his own cum mixed with dog food and saliva from your boots.

    However, you decide to use him I’m sure it will be wonderful and bootlicker will be a very, very lucky slave

    Slave pj

  4. VICTOR sagt:

    Great to know about that new movie with bootlicker!

    If you ask me for ideas I would love to see you on thigh high boots with spurs on and then riding him as a pony boy. Of course a long dressage whip will be the perfect match…Just the idea of you in riding pants and high heel boots with spurs makes me skirm…

    I also did enjoy very much your trampling session with Pizza Boy The way you dig you heel into his flesh…wow.

    I would also love to see your first hard ballbusting movie with boots on, but maybe Bootlicker is not ready for that… Isn’t there any „Ballboy“ out there?

  5. kenji kikuchi sagt:

    As with victor, I am also eager to movie kicking up the testicles of the surprise by boot.

  6. Erol Teksan sagt:

    You can make him lick your boots. If you don’t like the job , whip him.
    Then make him lick again…till he makes your boots shiny.
    Finally you give a bootjob as a reward.

  7. slave tomas sagt:

    Divine Madame Catarina
    It’s always an honor to be asked about ideas for your films.
    Dog play is always fantastic, how you train your dog to become an obedient dog following your smallest wink, of course your dog needs a lot of punishment to become the perfect dog crawling at your boots as you walk around.
    Have the slave restrained under a chair and use his head as your footrest as in “Bootlicker under chair” in the beginning to show him who’s in charge.
    Have him lick the high heels and platforms while you relax and he suffers under the chair.
    If You Madame have the fabulous platform boots with metal heels You used in “ Whips excite me” on it must be very painful be under them.
    Then have him lick your fabulous boot thoroughly before the exercise starts, then put your boot on his neck and press him down hard while telling him that now the training will start and your boots is the only thing he should focus on and worship nothing else, if so, hard punishment will take place.
    Then have Your slave to crawl around on Your harsh commands fetching things you throw away, whip him if he’s not fast enough.
    Then train him in crawling close to your boots when you walk around, if not good enough hard kicks and trampling is the punishment for that.
    After lots of dog training walking, fetching, cleaning the floor, eating out of a dog bowl after you have trampled on his food with Your boot and he has cleaned it.
    You decide to leave dog to see if he can be left alone. You decide to go down to town to do some shopping.
    You leave the room to change clothes and come back after a while elegantly dressed to go to town in your high heel boots of course perhaps your magnificent beige boots with high sharp metal heels and metal tip on the toe used in “Bootlickers day”.
    As You Madame sits in a chair and relaxes with a cigarette the dog must lick your boot soles thoroughly clean, clean to suit a Goddess as she walks around in town.
    When done with the cigarette the dog must lick what’s left of it from the floor then you put your boot on him and commands him to clean the floor with a small brush so it’s nice tidy when you comes back from Your shopping, You also warn him to do anything else than cleaning your floor while you are away, with your riding crop You can give the dog a few strokes to show him what will happen if he’s careless with the cleaning.
    A dog is good for many other things and the fantasy is the limit when training a dog in becoming the perfect obedient pet following Your commands and keeping Your magnificent boots immaculate.

    slave tomas

  8. Slave pj sagt:

    Dearest Madame Catarina

    Wonderful photos and I love that outfit…You are so beautiful!
    Those crazy spiked shoes make my eyes water…but in a good way.
    Really looking forward to the movie
    slave pj

  9. slave tomas sagt:

    Divine Madame Catarina

    Awesome pics, The ultimate Madame and a worthless slave.
    Fantastic shoes, both vicious and beautiful at the same time a perfect shoe for a Madame.
    It’s the ultimate honor for a slave to be allowed to be in the proximity of your shoes, Madame Catarina.
    Obey Your commands, await punishment and maybe allowed to lick the soles clean.
    slave tomas

  10. Alex sagt:

    Hello Madame Catarina,
    I am waiting the full movie of „Madame’s spiky heels and Bootlicker’s distress“ to buy it… chapter 3 preview on clips4sale we see a funnel and some fluids that go down…is it spit or golden shower? Do you think to play a NS clip in the near future?
    I hope to see also more stockings foot domination and to find a little in your last movie.
    I hope to meet a day, is possible 1 or 2 days of full domination with you? Or just hours sessions?
    Thank you very much.

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