New shooting: „Bootlicker under the des II – Making a Tax Inspector a Slave“

We’ve shoot yesterday a new and long version of Bootlicker under the desk.
First chapter online on C4S now!

Story: Madame Catarina has a visitor – a tax inspector from the tax office. But she is absolutely not amused about his massive deletions for stockings, boots and leather outfits…that makes a resolute action necessary!

BL_Desk02_01 BL_Desk02_02Sporen02

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4 Antworten auf New shooting: „Bootlicker under the des II – Making a Tax Inspector a Slave“

  1. Chris sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    very nice Shooting with your bootlicker slave – i love your charming legs, wrapped in beautiful fine nylons, sexy high heels and boots – and the place for the slave under your feet is perfect, tied to the chair, no chance to escape. only what i miss, is a kidnap or overpowering of the slave, maybe with help of sleeping potion soaked rag to get im helpless.

    devoted greetings

  2. Fabian sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    THIS is the best movie I’ve ever seen.
    You really was in a total sadistic mode and you enjoyed SO MUCH to torture the guy and most of all I very much like your cruel and loud sadistic LAUGHTER which Comes from your (sadistic heart) and I want to hear MORE of it!!


    And I love YOUR beautiful muscular legs and your heartless torture and while YOU DO THIS you let us hear YOUR beautiful cruel laughter!

    Please make more of this Office Scenarios in which you bring a guy into a Situation which he totally doesen’t want and LIKE because I don’t like this whimps, I like it more, when a real man get caught or get blackmailed – and THEN YOU have him under your control, even if he doesn’t like it at all.

    I THINK this would be – maybe – a lot of fun for you!

    SO – I liked THIS movie at all – and please: let us hear more of your sadistic and sexy laughter!

    With the best wishes


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