New shooting 01/03/2014

My Swiss slave brought for a late x-mas present two new whips from a Berlin store. One of them called „Alcatraz-Strap“ – oh no, this is not just a simple paddle… ;-) The second one was a kind of riding crop but made of fiberglas. This is really a horror whip – called „El Bastardo“ – one stroke and the skin is bleeding! I ask myself how stupid can be a slave to bring such horror equipment to me – the answer is – he wants to see me smile! On the second picture you don’t see the end of our spanking session – this picture would not be for the faint….




Tomorrow I’ll shoot some new caning movie.
Any requests for the outfit or the story around?
Kind regards,

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6 Kommentare zu New shooting 01/03/2014

  1. mati sagt:

    high heels and stockings – please , slave kissing Mistress feet thanking for canning and during beating

  2. Antonio sagt:

    The role of teacher I like. Long leather skirt, Knee boots, White shirt, gilet in leather, glasses.

  3. Fabio sagt:

    I also desire to try „El Bastardo“, nice shooting MC

  4. Victor sagt:

    Ouch!!! This is best Christmas present! You look sooo gorgeous, Madame Catarina!

    When will it be availablenin MCinema? I will be waiting forward to it!

    Happy New Caning Year,


  5. I adore Your Glorious Beauty, Your Overwhelming Cruelty Madame Catarina.

  6. Matt sagt:

    Sorry madam, but where could I watch this film? I paid for a new membership but it is not in MCinema. Or is it too soon for it?

    Thank you very much

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