New shoot, new actor today 01/07/2012


Today I would like to know in which discipline I should test the candidate next time? Send me your ideas or post it here.

here are the first pictures from our shooting yesterday. And I have something more for you, a poll!
I’m not sure if I should including the candidate for new actor in my team. You can choose yes, no or second chance at the POLL

Today I will shooting with a new candidate for my team. I think at first I will test him „by every trick in the book“. More Informations and first pictures later or tomorrow morning.

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7 Antworten auf New shoot, new actor today 01/07/2012

  1. ayck sagt:

    Very dear divine MADAME CATARINA,

    with all deepest humility and dedication I have seen your new pictures of the current movie shooting. Mistress, you look so divine! Your leather is so breathtaking. The lovely leather skirt steals nearly the senses… How very much I love this leather skirt.

    In infinite admiration of your divine beauty and grace,

    Your slave

  2. Caneboy sagt:


    as it would be with an new filming of

    “ Eduction for a Schoolboy “


    “ Whips Excite Me II “ ?

    Best regards


  3. Erol Teksan sagt:

    You can test him with breath control.
    Sitting his face or cover with a plastic bag.
    Or you can control his breath under water !!!

  4. ram sagt:

    Male maid, slave – serving you (preparing food, clean house, massage, dressing etc)

  5. puppet sagt:

    it must excite me if you shoot a movie just like suffering for madame’s heels and wear your classic opening toe heels.

  6. SlaveD sagt:

    Sehr verehrte Madame, die Bilder sind atemberaubend. Gibt es Ihre Filme im Geschäft oder nur online? Untertänigst

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