New movie shooting with Caneboy 8/3/2012

Here are the first pictures from yesterday. It was really hot in Berlin
and I was bored so I ordered Caneboy to me for some caning exercises
because I want to stay fit  and train my arm muscles well..
The movie comes out in MCinema today, the 4th of August.






















..any ideas?
Another Sergeant, Boudoir, Manila – Caning…?


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33 Kommentare zu New movie shooting with Caneboy 8/3/2012

  1. Wriggler sagt:

    How about caught in the girl’s changing room by the Physical Education teacher/school mistress. Some physical games with penalties.

  2. frank sagt:

    How about numerous blows with this „nice“ implement:

    Would recommend though to strap him tight on the whipping bench, and not to forget the gag ;-)

  3. Japanese slave sagt:

    How about casting of Asian slave.
    As for me and asian slave,
    It is so better.
    but my idea just difficult,sorry,Madame.

  4. J sagt:

    A governess kidnap one.

  5. Antonio sagt:

    Educator of the infidels husbands, whit dress and boots in leather.

  6. Slave Tomas sagt:

    Madame Catarina has made many excellent caning movies with exquisite settings.
    But a strict, merciless sergant / guard punishing a prisoner is always arousing to see.
    No special reason for the punishment is necessary, it’s just for the sadistic pleasure of the officer.
    Or perhaps just a very small, insignificant matter, the less reason the more sadistic.
    The officer is of course dressed in strict, black leather, perhaps a white shirt with a black tie for the elegant touch, I prefer riding boots for the superiority they exude, but high heel boots is also very appeling.
    The cellar is a good scene and the officer uses many different canes on the poor prisoners back, the officer chooses instrument carefully and is in no hurry, she totally controls the scene, when she is satisfied with the punishment the prisoner has to kiss the officers gloved hand and boots before he is thrown back into his cage.
    Madame Catarina is perfect in the role as a strict, superior, merciless but very, very beatiful officer. An officer it’s a true honor to be punished by.

  7. Emilio sagt:

    MC come back from shoes and boots shopping…and find the dungeon very dirty on the floor….so she punish caneboy very hardly….enjoy it?
    P.S…when we can say BULLWHIP SLAVE?? :D

  8. Antonio sagt:

    I’m ok whit the fantasy of tomas, but i’d like the officer is of course dressed in strict black leather and higt heel boots.

  9. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    Wow, a new caning movie with Caneboy…soo great!! They are becoming top-classics, nobody is even close to your beauty, cruelty and skills with the cane!

    This time I would suggest you to completely restrain Caneboy, not allowing him any movement and even with a hood on this head and a gag. No voice, no cries, just the cane sound through the air and on his flesh!!

    I would like to see you in full leather, tight corset, thigh high boots, gloves and even a mask on your eyes to look even more cruel. Particulary I liked very much the leather pants in Boudoir Caning movie, but I also loved to see you in corset and sexy lingerie in that same movie!. Your legs are awesome!

    I also would like to see, again in action, the rubber canes you used in Caning Therapy movie, and even a Sjambok. They are dreadful!

    Of course, full force and no safe word. I mean a step beyond last movies, if possible. I love to see you as your sadistic streak grows over the movie. Delicious. Supreme.

  10. VICTOR sagt:

    As for the argument, it could be something like this:

    A doctor in white coat diagnoses her pacient a new health disorder and tells him he needs to receive a new treatment. So she prescribes him a thousand full force strokes from some diferent canes and will study the reaction if his body and skin to this therapy. She will even take some „samples“ of this blood as the session progresses.She assures it will be really painful and she won’t stop till all the samples are collected.

    He accepts it, signs his acceptance in a form, and promises he will accept everything she decides it is the best for him.

    She prepares her patient on the „treatment bench“, adjusts the straps so that he cannot move, cover his heed with a „medical“ hood, and then puts off het white coat and shows off her „working uniform“.

    The session starts…

  11. Antonio sagt:

    Interesting the second fantasy of victor. Absolutely working uniform in leather.

  12. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    We all are looking forward each one of the new movies you announce by here!!

    Just wondering… Do you like any of these ideas? When could be this new movie available in

  13. Surfer sagt:

    the last one from Victor is very good thought.

  14. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    Thank you very much for your comment. I hope you enjoy very much your trip!

    A „medical hood“ is just a way to describe a full enclosure leather hood. I mean, a hood which is designed to keep your „patient“ isolated from seeing or even hearing and which does not let him to speak or cry. He will just feel the sensations from his skin.
    It is not formally called „medical hood“ but I wrote that to just help in the context…

    Usually this hood matches a straight jacket or a full body sack for intensive bondage sessions.

  15. VICTOR sagt:

    Just another suggestion, which is if you could also upload subtitled versions in English too in a future. I’m learning Deutsch but still am not ready for understanding everything…appart of the wonderful sound of your canes… ;-D

    Thank you mistress!

  16. VICTOR sagt:

    Entschuldigen Sie dass ich „German“ im letzten Satz sagen musste…;-D

  17. Antonio sagt:

    I wanted so much to see you dressed in leather And boots

  18. Caneboy sagt:


    I am most grateful to them for this intense and

    fulfilling caning session , there was again a absolute

    maximum performance from them , especially in

    this extreme heat !

    My greatest appreciation and respect for this

    great high performance , many thanks again for that.

    Best regards


  19. Antonio sagt:

    I’m very sorry, because i was hoping that in this last clip whit caneboy you put on dress in leather and boots. i was hoping in the next clip whit caneboy you have dress in leather and boots because is very dominant. Best regards. Antonio

    • Can you imagine what it means to make such a heavy caning session, outside the hot weather, inside 5 heavy spotlights.
      Thats why I not wearing leather because I’m NOT masochistic!

  20. VICTOR sagt:

    I have watched the full movie, and it is great!!

    Funny story, very hard caning with rubber rod and Madame Catarina looks gorgeous in tight corset and seamed stockings !

    I also would love to see her in full leather, but her legs are incredible and a pleasure to see in their full glory!! No matter what she dresses she is a Goddess!

    Thank you so much!!

  21. VICTOR sagt:

    I should add perhaps this is one of the hardest caning movies with Caneboy.I think
    he is the luckiest man worldwide!! Anyway I still expect a new level, when he is ready, of non stop caning from MC…

    I mean she has to stop to help him recover. But perhaps someday he could endure a non stop, from the beginning to the end, with, preferally, a black rubber rod (like the one in „Manila caning“)… As far as rubber does not break there won’t be so many innecesary „stops“… What do you think? Of course, the only pauses would be for MC’s arm to take a rest…:-D

  22. emilio sagt:

    Supreme MC
    when she makes a video only extreme bullwhip?…may be military version and maked outdoor…
    With the same devotion
    Slave emilio

  23. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear MC,

    You are right, I’ve never received it…Sadly. That’s why it is so easy to imagine and that was the orientation of my comment: Just motivate Caneboy! You know… I’m sure I would say „stop“ far before him… :-(

    It is also my fantasy to be able to endure a more severe caning from you. But it is just an advanced fantasy just because you are the one wielding the cane!! I believe that, if I could, I would climb the highest mountain if you order me to… You are so incredibly beautiful and powerful you could induce subspace with very few words, I’m sure.

  24. Antonio sagt:

    I beg your pardon Madame Catarina, i never thought of that. My problem is that i’m overly attracted of dress in leather and boots. I ask you forgiveness. Antonio

  25. puppet sagt:

    dear madame catarina,
    i worship your leather and boots as Antonio like that,usually,i dreame i kneel in front of your boots after a whip,you take off your boots and i was ordered to lick your foot sweat,the smell from your boot and feets make me get orgasm.surely,it’s unreal,you don’t have to dress a leather in such a hot weather.

    Best wishes

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