New movie shooting today 3/13/2015 „Painslave in trouble“

Story: Madame ordered the slave for a session but he is 5min to late – 5 min !!!!!
Can you imagine what 5min late means to a Mistress? No? See what happen after
the first slap in the face…
Keywords: in English spoken, CBT&Nipple torture, whipping, hard caning








PainslaveDK01 PainslaveDK02











Friday the 13th – a black day? Do you believe in superstition?
I’m awaiting today a new actor from Denmark, called himself as a „Painslave“,
I guess he is at the right address to test if it is the truth or he is superstitious…

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6 Kommentare zu New movie shooting today 3/13/2015 „Painslave in trouble“

  1. Antonio sagt:

    Please, Madame Catarina, I would like to see a video of hard caning. For a long time you don’t do video hard caning! Thanks ! Antonio

  2. VICTOR sagt:

    Sorry but I disagree with you, Antonio. It must have been a very hard session…See the blood? I was also waiting forward these severe caning punishments…the video looks really great!

    And I love to see you in black leather and boots, MC!

    Bizarre Regards

  3. dogslave sagt:

    MADAME CATARINA…I’m crazy about your boots..
    I’m your dog forever…

  4. Antonio sagt:

    Sorry for my bad english, Victor. Also I love to see MC in black leather and boots. I wanted to say that I waited so long for a new video hard caning. The video hard caning of MC are the best. I apologize for my bad English, Antonio

  5. anil kumar sagt:

    Dear MC,
    your caning movies are the best in the world…when you cane a slave without any rest…its so exciting.
    if many mistresses hard cane a slave…i am sure you will be more famous.

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