New movie shooting „Bootlicker – puppet in strings“

We have made a new movie for all Bootlicker fans and cbt lovers – a must have!
The clips on C4S are starting on Monday, 23rd of April, the full movie in MCinema comes out at the 27th of April.
Story: Madame wants to have some fun with Bootlicker who is waiting under the pully-gallows, balls tided up into the highs. To fix him like a puppet on strings she bounds his cock backward on a beam. That makes Bootlicker so horny that he cums very quick but Madame doesn’t allowed him to cum and ruined his orgasm. She followed up only her goal: having fun…
Keywords: cbt, ruined orgasm, trampling, Bootlicker, high heels, boot licking, leather, gagged, nipple torture, cock board, ball pillory, pulley,

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6 Kommentare zu New movie shooting „Bootlicker – puppet in strings“

  1. Japanese slave sagt:

    Hello Madame.
    I think your new clip so great.
    This situation,like a my dream.
    Now I living in Tokyo,but Seriously
    I want to become a slave for Madame.
    Off course,it is possible to visit to Berlin.

  2. slave peter sagt:

    Dearest Madame Catarina

    We are all your puppet on strings…you jerk the strings and we dance to your tune
    You are the puppet mistress, we are just your marionettes… helpless in your power, powerless to resit your commands and existing only for your entertainment.
    You are so beautiful and cruel
    So imaginative
    ..wonderful movie, wonderful concept, wonderfully shot
    You are wonderful

  3. Ledertraum sagt:

    OMG…all my fetishes are included…thank you so much Lady Catarina…

  4. puppet sagt:

    thank you,madame,when i see the title i would rather think the movie is exclusive for me.

  5. Caneboy sagt:


    extreme a new movie with Bootlicker , much suffering and pain

    and its outfit , the small black , is absolute dream ,

    a genuine eye width , thank you for it .

    Best regards


  6. bootslave sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina, You created a masterpiece again (as always). The way You dress up is always breathtaking every time! Your dominance and arrogance is really unique. My dream came true if You would force me to cum by Your amazing boots like these You are wearing in the movie, Mistress. I love Your cruelty when wearing those Icone boots, they are made to be licked clean. You are the world’s no1 goddess!
    Yours sincerely

    One of your slaves

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