New movie shoot with Bootlicker 08/28/2015 at the HTF

Always when I went to my hidden farm I’m feeling in vacation, almost the weather is
nice and sunny. So I decided to make my Bootlicker my Ponyboy, hitching him up and make a round over the fields – better to get a fat slave in stable ;-)
Later – just for the personal hygiene – I prepared a muddy „bath“ for my horse and let
him lick my muddy boots….

BL_PonyBoy01 BL_PonyBoy02 BL_PonyBoy03 BL_PonyBoy04






























Friday we will go for a shoot on the Hidden Torture Farm with Bootlicker
and film some horse-sulky, trampling and dirty/muddy boot licking. First
pictures as always here. MC

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3 Kommentare zu New movie shoot with Bootlicker 08/28/2015 at the HTF

  1. Fabio sagt:

    Great and I am waiting the pictures, hope you will have a fun
    Good evening MC


  2. Fabio sagt:

    What a pleasure for the slave to lick and clean mud from your horse boots I think )

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