New movie shoot today „Human furniture“


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21 Kommentare zu New movie shoot today „Human furniture“

  1. Its great to have a human furniture indeed.
    I Goddess need to have a human property to run around pleasing her Queen
    They are borne to be served by male strong creatures just like the one in front of you doing what he knows best and in his place.
    Keep it up. More Human furnitures.
    Goddess Dionne

  2. thorgal sagt:

    Beautiful and professional as always

  3. Sklave O sagt:

    Für jeden Mann ein Traum Madame Catarina

  4. kenji kikuchi sagt:

    Terrible….. Chapter 2. 6. That pointed heel cut into a glans.
    I merely only see it. It is the act that only Madame can do.

  5. Ledertraum sagt:

    Sie sind atemberaubend Lady Catarina!!!!

  6. more mistresses more fun
    group caning is the best
    plz work on this project

  7. its my dream to work with you, mam
    i will raise the level of cruelity because i am caning boy, and love bloody caning.
    i have broken more than 100 sticks on my ass. no one can satisfy me in painig

  8. Chris sagt:

    would love to be a part in your bootliker type’s movie.
    will be travelling to Berlin on March 2016. when my schedule is set, I’m looking forward to meet you my beautiful mistress and Fraeulein Leni for a group heels licking and worshiping!!

  9. SklaveK sagt:

    Such amazing

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