New movie shoot today 25/06/2015 Caning!

For all who asked permanent and annoyed me a lot: the movie is out now on my C4S






Chapter four



Good morning,

still don’t not know how the actor feels but I know what I have done yesterday ;-)
Yes – he will be absolutely one of my new favourite caning actors! I used at first a flogger
an a paddle for warm up, a carpet beater and then single Tail and different Canes….
And just for the pointy-headed – this is NO ketchup!!! And for the faint of heart – I also
except boot and foot worshipper ;-)

The release of this movie I will let you know here.

CaningNewActorTest CaningNewActorTest02











A new actor – formal client of mine – wants to become a part of my movies.
I think for all hard and extreme caning lovers will be this movie a new Olympus…
But let’s see and decide after the shoot this afternoon – I’m surprised too.

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22 Kommentare zu New movie shoot today 25/06/2015 Caning!

  1. Fabio sagt:

    Is good that you give chance also for new slave to be actor in your movies, hope to see some pics after, have a good day MC

  2. sklavesepp sagt:

    Why sould not become a new actor a chance in one of your movies?
    Try it , give him the chance

  3. Manuel sagt:

    Dear MC,

    This video looks so extreme!!!! Wow!!! And you look so gorgeous in full leather and hardcore gloves…Wow!!

    You face expression is delicious…Did you enjoy it so much as you expected? Has this slave more endurance than other slaves before, included caneboy? This video promises very hard action!!!

  4. Carabao sagt:

    That looks great, dear Madame Catarina. Next time I’ll come to be your painslave, I hope I will be able to show that I can take it as hard (maybe a bit harder :-))
    I’m already looking forward to it ….

  5. hello madame catelina?nice to get that that full vedeo how am gonna get it ?

  6. Manuel sagt:

    Dear MC,

    When could be this movie available? Will it be Full HD?

    Thank you!

  7. Manuel sagt:

    Schöne Antwort… Dumme Frage ;-D

  8. Manuel sagt:

    Entschuldingung meine Göttin ;-D

    Aber ich sehe dass Facebook noch keine Neuigkeiten über das hat :-(

  9. Manuel sagt:

    OK, I understand now…;-D

  10. Joseph sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    Sorry but I also was to ask about the release of this video,because it is over one month since it was filmed…Please tell us, I’m getting anxious about it!! :-D

    Thank you very much,


  11. Impressive, exciting and fabulous work. But there is some more need to improvmise
    more mistresses more fun
    pain of slave should be enjoyed by mistresses
    really, he is lucky slave.

  12. Anonymous sagt:

    Sorry this is my first time here…Where is this movie? Thank you.

  13. slave pj sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina

    I have just watched Chapter One of this movie from Clips 4 Sale
    And it is amazing-you are so beautiful and cruel…absolutely amazing

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