New movie – new actor 06/04/2013

I have form my own opinion… to buy the movie click here or in MCinema Member around 06/29/2013

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Today I invited an actor from swiss who has sendet me his application – let’s see what he can stood.


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12 Kommentare zu New movie – new actor 06/04/2013

  1. man sagt:

    Hello, my respected Madame Catarina
    Enjoy your shooting. I’m looking forward to it.
    By the way why not play with more than one slave in same time or movie?It’s not enough to serve supreme goddess you.

  2. Caneboy sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    a new movie from her perfect hand,
    I am very excited and I wish them a lot of fun during the shoot.

    Best regards


    • Hello Caneboy,

      I’ve tested a new actor in corporal punishment.
      He stood all whips and hard caning too. Let’s find
      out the users who can handle more – you or him ;-)

      • frank sagt:

        … who can handle more? That’s easy:
        gag your new victim, restrain him securely, and then punish him.
        By doing so, he will then definitively handle more than caneboy ;-)

      • Caneboy sagt:

        Dear Madame Catarina,
        these first pictures look very promising, I’ll be looking at the whole film through the eyes of flagellants very accurate, they can rely on it ;-)

        Best regards


  3. Antonio sagt:

    Hello Madame Catarina.What dress you are wearing in this clip? Leather? Boots? You are a teacher, Secretary, judge? Best regards. Antonio

  4. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear MC,

    Wow, you look gorgeous in leather and boots! Once more, your are a state-of-the-art mistress. I will waiting for the new movie to come into domina-movies. When will it be available?
    By the way, I think nobody is in the level of endurance of Caneboy, but maybe this new slave is also good…

    Hope to be some day at the receiving end and be able to feel such A caress from you…

  5. kneeling nothing sagt:

    Congratulations to the new slave, a real competitor for the impressive caneboy! Long way to go for me, i am not that strong physically to endure the „complete program“ by the marvellous Madame Catarina. Those slaves are way more useful to Madame, as they can really take some stress off Her by suffering tremendous pain.

  6. VICTOR sagt:

    Awesome MC!! So beautiful and cruel! And gorgeous boots!!
    Great movie and good slave yes! But I think Caneboy goes beyond this good man…
    May I ask you when will be next movie with Caneboy? Last one was four months ago, but those movies are instant CP classics for me!

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