New movie making 4/19/2013

Well I ‚ve had a nice afternoon with a resilient and submissive new slave actor. I give him some tests with electro play, cbt, nipple torture and tasks like boot licking&worship and foot licking&massage…

















A new actor join us on Friday and we will make
a movie with the main theme foot worship.
Any requests or suggestions?









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18 Kommentare zu New movie making 4/19/2013

  1. Chris sagt:

    a pantyhose footjob at the end please!

  2. Caneboy sagt:

    Thank you, dear MADAME CATARINA,

    I’m very excited about the new movie!

    Best regards


  3. kenji kikuchi sagt:

    If the new actor as well as tough CANE BOY…….

    I great request hard ball kicking up last scene by beautiful boots.

  4. Erol Teksan sagt:

    Hi Madame Catarina,
    18 April is my birthday,
    For my birthday,can you wear fernando berlin boots that day ?
    If you prepare a clip that contains first riding then boot licking and finally foot worship , it will be my best gift for birthday…
    Thank you mistress,
    I never see a mistress like you,
    You are sublime…

  5. Otto VG sagt:

    Hi, I have many ideas but I havent had any reply to what I wrote for you….I suppose you do not like :-( Anyway rubbing feet on a male face with stockings or barefeet with red polish is always a wonderful view.
    Regards, Otto

  6. man sagt:

    Hello Madame Catarina,
    from my point of view,slaves‘ tongue only can be used as your rag to shine the sole of your noble boots.
    If foot worship must be included,let slave wash your foot with fresh milk ,at the end he beg you to drink them up.What do you think of my idea.

  7. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear MC,

    I hope you enjoyed your trip to Beirut. Meanwhile I left a message in this blog with my apologies for a previous commentary realtd to your last Caneboy movie entry, where I did not explained myself very well. Please read it if possible. This is MC rules, not anybody else!

    And if you ask for suggestions on this new movies, I will say I would love to see you in those gorgeous boots from Gianmarco Lorenzi, but with spurs too! What about some mild „torture“ with those spurs and the heels? Or will it be just a fetish movie?

    Best regards,


  8. Slave Peter sagt:

    Dearest Madame Catarina
    This sounds divine
    may I suggest a Castle Diva or Venus in furs theme with plenty of stockings and heel shots..with plenty of teasing (like bootlickers night..without the boots) perhaps you could place your foot slave under your chaise lounge (like the castle Diva shots). all ending with your slave feasting on his own cum. Whatever you do it is sure to be sensational
    With adoration and respect
    slave peter

  9. slavemasm sagt:

    GODDESS, please do more videos in high heel shoes, which will bring out the beauty and perfection of your feet. And some scenes were perfect dangling!

  10. ninjia sagt:

    After a long walk outside,madame go back home, then take off boots and order the slave to make the boots clean,while he smell the boots and do a foot massage for his mistress.

  11. bootlicker sagt:

    his body and face as your footrest…
    I could imagine you with face standing barefoot and in stockings on the slave, 90 degrees to his face (on mouth and eyes) and parallel both feet on eyes and mouth-
    he has to suffer for air,
    trampling after that, he has to worship on feet on his mouth while you are standing on him, may be forced cum under your feet, even when you stand on him…

  12. humble sagt:

    please let the most luky man lick your crazy about your boots.

  13. MC's obedient admirer sagt:

    Madame Catarina, i’m another volunteer who is looking forward to lick the soles of Your stunning Gianmarco Lorenzi stiletto heel boots. You could make my dream come true. Yours sincerely

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