New Location, shooting tomorrow 10/1/2012

Here are the pictures from yesterday, the weather was fine outside but cold inside the
cellar and the cow stable. The movies comes out at MCinema on October 13th.























Tomorrow we will make movie shooting into a new location, an old farmers house with stables from the last century. Be expectantly to see the first pictures here.

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14 Antworten auf New Location, shooting tomorrow 10/1/2012

  1. Slave Tomas sagt:

    Divine Madame Catarina
    Looking forward to see Madame in this location.
    Your submissive admirer, slave tomas

    • slave tomas sagt:

      I have the complete movie of „Hidden torture farm“ and as always
      You Madame is outstanding.
      Fantastic clothes and boots as always Your attitude is awesome.
      Great location, I sincerly hope You Madame will make more movies at this place, it would be perfect for many scenarios.

      Your submissive admirer, slave tomas

  2. Emilio sagt:

    Stable,mud,dirty boots,and Bullwhip…MY DREAM!!! :D

  3. slaveD sagt:

    Verehrte Madame Catarina,

    eine schöne Location, eine wunderbare Madame in edler Garderobe – einfach gelungen. „Zurück zur Natur“, wie Mann es sich wünscht, gibt ja auch genug zu tuen auf so einem Bauernhof. Untertänigste Grüße

  4. Caneboy sagt:


    very interesting pictures of the new location ,

    I`m excited about the film .

    Best regards


  5. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear Mademe Catarina,

    May I ask you when will be your next movie with Caneboy?

    They are instant classics and you look sooo sadist and beautiful at the same time!

    Thank you!

  6. VICTOR sagt:

    Happy to read that! And enjoy your trip!!. Lucky hindoos too!!

  7. Bleshnack Pamacaslap sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    I love your movie, and I am waiting for the next one. Are you half Chinese? You really look like a Mongolian woman, especially with your high cheekbones, slanting eyes, and arched eyebrows. You resemble a granddaughter of the Tartar (or Mongol) Ghengis Khan. And you also like to ride horses like the Mongols. It will be nice to know we have a great Chinese dominatrix. You definitely look like a Manchurian Chinese woman, from the Hunan mountains!

  8. SklaveK sagt:

    I’m getting hungry :)

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