Movie shooting with Bootlicker at 8/13/2012

Title: „Bootlicker’s interrogation – movie I“
: Bootlicker is suspected by Madame   
to stolen one of her expansive Italian designer boots. A horrible, painful and strong
interrogation starts. In between the torture
Bootlicker must stay bondaged tied in the
cage or last bondage leather back. 3 nights
Madame needs to find out the trough…
In movie II the painful punishment follows.
Movie comes out at MCinema at 8/18/2012

















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6 Kommentare zu Movie shooting with Bootlicker at 8/13/2012

  1. puppet sagt:

    would you take off your boots?i hope you would

  2. Caneboy sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina ,

    a double movie Bootlicker , the first movie is fascinating

    and also the second I`m also very excited and curious ,

    thank you very much !

    Best regards


  3. VICTOR sagt:


  4. Erol Teksan sagt:

    You are the most beautiful and cruel mistress…
    Images from last movie are so exciting !!!

  5. Storm sagt:

    Dearest Most SUPREME Madame Catarina,

    What a splendid torture session this seems to be. He is extremely fortunate. I wish I could take his place. I would BEG you to tie my manhood as such, and suffer under your exquisite boots with nipple clamps on. It would be a total honor to kneel in that cage and lick your boots, and then be granted the privilege of laying under your boots. I can assure you, there would not be a dirty spot anywhere on them.

    Thank you for allowing me to visit your page, and marvel at your stunning beauty and power.

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