Movie Shooting today with new actor 10/29/2011

the movie is out now in my member are MCinema.
Watch the Trailer!


here are the first pictures from our shooting yesterday, the actor got it really hard’n’heavy.












A new actor dares to stepping into the lion’s den…
Today movie theme is hard trampling, boot’n’high heels, smoking and much more.
First pictures late today or early tomorrow morning.
Kind regards,

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15 Antworten auf Movie Shooting today with new actor 10/29/2011

  1. Erol Teksan sagt:

    Boots’n blood … dazzling !!!

  2. Badmoon sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina – it was a real pleasure for me, to meet you;)

  3. ayck sagt:

    What an amazing dick press……..
    Lucky pizza guy

  4. kenji kikuchi sagt:

    Pizza Boy clip one was shocking for me. I’ve seen many times just today.  I want to be destroyed between crotches by that riding boots, too. Madame, please cry me some time by cruel kicks.

  5. Emilio sagt:

    Nothing to say again…MADAME CATARINA…Simply the best….aaahhhhh…if i live in Berlin… :D

  6. puppet sagt:

    i haven’t watched this video until this weekend but i think the best scene that would exite me is you taking off riding boots and putting on boot heels.

  7. Caneboy sagt:


    great movie , it had again very much FUN ;-)

    Best regards


  8. ram sagt:

    what kind of sharp heels! chic boots with beautiful legs!

  9. Erol Teksan sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina..
    I want to ask a question…
    We know you always wear elegant,sexy boots and It makes you master,cruel and beautiful. It’s your sign or your signature.It identify with you.
    When you put off your boots,It means when you become barefoot in movie or private life,what do you feel about ?Relaxing,nakedness or another feelings ?
    Does the boots give you self confidence or not ?

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