Movie Shoot yesterday with Bootlicker „The living Furniture – Bootlicker as Foodstool“

Here are the first pictures from the shooting yesterday. The movie comes out at the the 15th April.

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12 Kommentare zu Movie Shoot yesterday with Bootlicker „The living Furniture – Bootlicker as Foodstool“

  1. stefan sagt:

    Wow you look absolutely divine!

  2. Caneboy sagt:


    einfach wieder faszinierende Bilder , vielen Dank !

    Beste Grüsse


  3. serf ram sagt:

    Magic picture!

  4. serf ram sagt:

    And what beautiful legs!!

  5. Cristian sagt:

    My beautiful Madame Catarina, i have many videos yours my Goddess, I don’t tire to look your videos dominant. I like in special videos bootlicker ( I bought all..XD). My dream is to be under your boots and to lick you heels in my mouth…exciting

    Kisses my Mistress

  6. Cristian sagt:

    My Deliciuos Madame, is possible that your exciting videos exist subtitles in everything videos, i would desire much, because i don’t understand german language..jejeje.
    I would adore to listen words supremacy of my mistress in english.

    Your slave

    • Hello slave,

      sorry but because of the immense more time exposure of making subtitles.
      I’ll have an eye on applications of English speaking actors or make from time
      to time subtitles.


  7. Cristian sagt:

    Buuu ..You are my debility MC, i will have that to learn something german lenguage..jajja

    Your Slave (Cristian)

  8. serf ram sagt:

    Madame Catarina!
    Thanks for a good film!
    In the beginning of a film you have looked at us!!!
    I wait for an exit of this film in sale.

  9. Caneboy sagt:

    es ist ein Genuss in dem Film wieder Ihre Dominanz und Gelassenheit beobachten zu dürfen , das Outfit ist einfach atemberaubend.
    Ich wünsche Ihnen , verehrte MADAME CATARINA und auch allen Fans ein schönes Osterfest.
    Beste Grüsse

    Itist a pleasure in the film again to be able to watch your dominance and serenity ,
    the outfit is simply stunning.
    I wish you , dear MADAME CATARINA and all fans a happy Easter.

    Best regards

  10. slave peter sagt:

    Dearest Madame Catarina
    It gives me the greatest of pleasure to see you putting the book to such good use. These are the things that dreams are made of…

    Your adoring slave

    slave pete

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