Movie shoot today: Special guest Mistress Akella from London…

Here we go with the newest pictures from the shoot and of course a selfie ;-)
Can’t say the slave has had a lazy day, from to chauffeur Mistress Akella from the
airport the the hotel, then guide her to my dungeon, cleaning and clearing after
the sessions, helping to dress us up, serving drinks and snacks – and last but not least
late evening we decided to make him our test-slave for the movie shoot ;-)
I guess it was a painful mix between hard cbt&nipple torture under 4 feet in the end….

AkellaMeCBTShoot AkellaMeCBTShootSelfie


















..and a new slave of mine. First pictures as always asap here!

The slave is also my chauffeur and must pick up Mistress Akella from
the airport and bring her to the hotel where she stay. I hope he is doing
a good job – otherwise the movie shoot where he is the slave actor too
will be an unique experience. Guess we will do some hard cbt and nipple
torture and some feet fetish..maybe..I don’t know..stay tuned ;-)     MC



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3 Kommentare zu Movie shoot today: Special guest Mistress Akella from London…

  1. Fabio sagt:

    Very beautiful mistress, I can immagine how was lucky the slave.He did a lots of things and received the right treatment. MC thanks for pictures and infos

  2. puppet sagt:


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