Movie shoot ideas

Hello at all,
I’m back from my vacation and just in rush to make new movies before I leave
in December for 2 short trips again.

So I would like to ask you to the end of the year if there are some movie ideas
or movie requests.
You can send your answers here or by email to me.

Kind regards,

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46 Kommentare zu Movie shoot ideas

  1. ram sagt:

    I look forward continuing the film „Venus in Furs“

  2. kenji kikuchi sagt:

    New „Living punchig ball“ by two mistress.
    Madame and japanese guest mistress.
    Full time ball kicking, face kicking…..bleeding from mouth.

  3. Emilio sagt:

    Very easy…..MC in long minsk fur…and the slave total naked in the snow…also the slave run outside your car..i hope she likes it… :D

  4. Erol Teksan sagt:

    You have a new slave and want to train . So you start to train him.
    Everyday, he licks your boots carefully and feeds from your boot (if you want) lick your feet and toes.
    At the beginning he resist to lick your boot and you forced him with whip and other equipment. Day by day he becomes a good slave and memorizes every detail of your boots and foot.
    One day, another mistress(e.g. miss leni) visits you and you want to show her your new slave. Besides you test your slave’s obedience and loyalty.
    You cover the eyes of slave with a blindfold and he start licking your boots and (if you want) foot to understand who is his mistress.
    After a while, he recognizes who is his mistress and as a reward you give him a bootjob.

  5. Badmoon sagt:

    Facestanding with Ridingboots:)

  6. ayck sagt:

    I would be very happy about the continuation or revival of „Real Imprisoned“.
    Chains, dark cell, cages on bread and water

  7. ram sagt:

    You have a very good movie! But we want be just a spectator. I want be a real participant in the film, but be a TV.
    In his old fetish-clips you were talking to us. You are allowed lick your boots, lay beside YOUR beautiful feet, to be an ashtray.
    You have a very beautiful eyes, a velvet voice! If you look at us from the TV screen, you give us an order join the actor, let me lick the boots sometimes, it would be great!
    It will be better than 3D.

  8. Caneboy sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    1. Authentic judicial caning with condemnation and fixed number of the blows and merciless enforcement into .

    2. Their institutes of eduction and correction gives Madame to its victim am
    heavy caning-therapy and breaks his will completely and effectively .

    Best regards


  9. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear M.C.,

    First of all, I must say you are the best mistress worldwide and your mix of beauty, sensuality, perversity and severity is awesome….Just a smile while you are trashing out your slave has no equal in the professional world.

    So, considering that, you are the only mistress I would ask to make this come to reality in a movie: I would love to see a new a new level in your caning movies, I mean a non stop full force caning session, in a judicial scenario, with you in full leather suit, leather corset (tigher) and very high boots. And the slave fully covered by a tight hood, not being able to speak or cry. If possible, fully secured (I mean not being able to move a foot at all!) to the whipping bench (my favourite is Fetters Mk1 bench, it has even a version to have the head inmovilized)
    This is, a dramatic scene with your femenity and your cruelty in their highest…

    On my Goddess would you be so kind to give us such a gift?

    Thank you so much.

  10. frank sagt:

    Madame Catarina,
    thanks for raising this question.

    Having watched most of your movies, I am convinced that your strength is in severe judical caning.

    So, why don’t you pick a victim, tie it brutally with cuffs to a whipping bench. And administer a severe whipping with a bullwhip, dogwhip, AND a steel rod !!!

    „full force“ might not be doable ;-(

    But, would be nice to hear the victim scream for MERCY !!!!! … you know this word?

    Thanks in advance for considering my ideas.

    All the best,

  11. ram sagt:

    I am a big fan of your website „“.
    Very beautiful pictures, great videos and chic film. This is a very good site!
    When can I expect see the premiere?

  12. puppet sagt:

    thank you for giving a so hard-won chance for all of your fans,greatly.i have a scene in my mind so long before:a icecream or something like this into your boots,you wear a black leather suit like in movie“Suffering for Madame’s heels“,you walk around in your training room.a slave is ordered to lick your boots,then he take off your boots and lick icecream with your socks.

  13. Sklave Paul sagt:

    Scene : Inside the red room of Madame Catarina’s Berlin residence.
    Madame Catarina is in black leather suit and stockings and gloves and high heel shoes and enters the main room of her residence. She carries in her hand a pair of her finest black leather high heel boots and also a German newspaper and a white cloth, a small brush and a tin of black boot polish.
    I am her male slave and I am naked and chained to the wall or to a fixed place such as the heating radiator. I wear her locked leather chastity belt and I am ready to do my boot polishing work.
    Madame Catarina puts down the newspaper and opens it and places her finest boots on it and then puts the brush and polish and cloth on the paper and tells me to begin to polish her finest boots.
    She sits on a wooden chair beside me and watches me work. She tells me to work harder and to polish the boots well and brush them and wipe them until they shine very bright. After some minutes she checks the boots and they are not clean enough. She gets a riding whip and whips me six times and tells me to begin again. I do. Again it is not good enough and again I am whipped. She uses the end of her whip to point out marks on her boot which I need to clean better and I work.
    After ten minutes of very hard work, Madame Catarina decides the boots are clean enough. I watch her take off her shoes and put on the shining boots. She walks up and down the room loudly, admiring the boots. She stops as I kneel before her and tells me to clean them now with my tongue.
    I clean her finest boots using my tongue all over the boots, front and then the back when she turns around. She does not think I work hard enough and then she whips my ass again as I kneel before her. She pulls my tongue out of my mouth and says that it should be black if I clean it well enough.
    I clean the boots as she tells me to clean them well. Again she examines the boots and says they are not clean enough and pulls out my pink tongue and says it is not black enough and I must try again as she uses her whip on me. She shouts at me and whips me as I work to make me work harder.
    I clean her boots like never before and this time when she stops me and pulls out my tongue all can see that my tongue is now black. She smiles, takes the black boot polish and with her gloved finger runs more black boot polish over my tongue until my tongue is very black and she smiles.
    Now comes the closing scene. She unlocks my chastity belt and my penis is erect and red. She stands before me and tells me to masturbate my sperm over the toes of her shining boost. I must do it carefully so all the sperm falls on the boot and I can only release my sperm when she tells me.
    After some minutes of agony I masturbate over her shining boots. She tells me to lick all the sperm off the boot and I do. She smiles and looks at the boot and says that now the boots are all marked with my sperm. She takes off the boots, throws them at me and tells me to begin to polish again.
    I would very much like to film this idea with you Madame Catarina on my next visit to Berlin. Danke. I can supply my email address to you in private.

    • Hello Slave Paul,

      if you are not able to come to Berlin I’ll ask my Bootlicker for this movie idea.

      • Slave Paul sagt:

        thank you for your comment. you are such an incredible and perfect domina. words fail me. I might not be in Berlin until next year. I might have some more ideas by then :) danke

  14. Erol Teksan sagt:

    You can continue to belows,
    1- Bootlicker at the desk : Because there are great breath plays, good a pair of boots and when you step up,he licks the each heel in every step is exite me.
    2- Carpet Boy : Unbelievable to suck your holly toes, lick your feet. But I prefer your feet in boots instead of shoes.
    3- A bootlicker’s day : Exhibition of different sexy,elegant boots with take of the boots.(nice to see your beatifull feet)
    4- Interrogation of a teacher : Boots, ideas and facesitting.You shine like a star in this movie.
    5- Teacher’s lesson : Your best movie I think. Boots, feeding from heels, cooperation with miss Leni, tied the penis with a chain and make it big are great ideas. And also you shine again like a star in that movie. I wish I was the man for this movie.

    I hope you make the next of this movies.
    I adore Madame Catarina…
    You have unique beautie, intelligence, senses and boots !!!

  15. puppet sagt:

    how about my idea

  16. Slave Tomas sagt:

    Divine Madam Catarina
    I emailed an idea for a movie to You about punishment of a cleaning slave.
    Madam Catarina as always beautiful and superior in your fabulous leather outfit, an outfit I truly worship seeing You in.
    White shirt, black tie, Leather riding breeches, riding boots, your long leather coat and gloves punishing a cleaning slave for laziness with trampling and hard whipping.
    A movie only You Madam Catarina can make justice with your extrem beauty, sensuality and arrogant cold attitude towards your slaves.
    Is this an idea You would consider.

    Your true worshiper, slave Tomas

  17. peter sagt:

    you’r wonderfull ! but why don’t you shot video with slaves working hard? and obviously under the long whip, like in old times. ( grinding wheel, pulling havy cart or cut trees, plugging…)

  18. puppet sagt:

    hello,my goddess,
    today i watched some of you clips on clips4sale.i find some old movies are so classic and so fantastic,such as „Black Foot Nylons Sole Play“,“Dangling in Italian Designer High Heels“,“At The Desk“,“Hidden Voyeur Cam“.once i saw your nylon feet,sole of the feet or toes,i would be erect,i could not help making the idea of smelling and licking your i need know :do you have interesting in shooting more movies like this style.

    best respects

  19. puppet sagt:

    it’s my honor if i could be your slave.but i can’t able to german , at least in a short term.i hope you will find a good substitute to meet my the way,the clips „Bootlicker’s Smoky Afternoon“ also excites me.

  20. Indysunbird sagt:

    I know this has been done by others before, but a play off the Olympics would be interesting. Now that it’s a few years after the other folks who did this… here are some other, and somewhat different ideas:

    * CBT „tractor“ pull contest – which Mistress’s slave can pull the most, the farthest and fastest
    * Caning contest – line up slaves on a line and have a „judge“ a Mistress apply the cane to each one down the line. each time one moves off the line (picks up foot, moves foot, etc) is out. Last man/slave standing wins
    * long distance/endurance contest – somewhat like dodgeball. Mistresses ride their slaves on their shoulders using paintball guns. Mistresses shoot other slaves and try to steer their slaves clear. Last slave not marked by a paintball wins for his Mistress.
    * Heat contest – slaves are treated to a thorough application of nettles then lubrication of „heat“ or other medicinal rub all at the same time. Then, with stopwatch in hand slaves must wank. Last slave „standing“ without releasing is the winner
    * nose contest – slaves are blindfolded. They are lead on hands and knees to different „items“. They may smell for 5 seconds then must turn 180 degrees. Guess what the item is based on the smell? They only get 1 guess. Some of the smells should be somewhat „offensive“ to the olfactory. Each wrong guess gets them 5 strokes of a cane, crop, flogger, etc. The slave with the fewest wrong guesses „wins“
    * as a „finale“ type contest, slaves wank standing side by side, lined up. Longest „shooter“ wins.

    Of course, in all scenarios, the „losers“ of each contest receive punishment from their „coaches“

  21. jack sagt:

    please some more foot videos madame catarina

  22. Valentine sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    First of all I wish to congratulate you most august „Lady of the Canes and Whips“, for the distinction of shooting the finest, hardest, elegant, and most captivating caning movies filmed on this planet. The degree of caning expertise, severity, sophistication, artistry, and elegance on display in your recent caning movies with Caneboy, have taken the hallowed art of the blood-spilling bare-bottom caning, to a height of excellence never seen before. Though I have never appeared in a caning video (or indeed any other type of corporal punishment movie) before, I often dream of receiving that same gift of a „cut-raw, gushing-red, and burning-hot bottom“ that you so kindly gave to Caneboy, in your recent movies like „Brutal Caning,“ „Caning Therapy,“ „Training for Caning,“ „Sargeant MC is beating you to hell,“ and Sargeant MC is beating you to hell II.“ But also I noticed that you have never made a movie, in which a black African male is getting very severely punished, so here is my movie idea!

    An Ultra-harsh , No Mercy, and Shockingly Severe Caning Scenario, featuring Madame Catarina Rewarding a Black African Thief, for his Shameful Misdeeds:

    Madame has just returned from an enjoyable vacation trip to some North African countries like Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, etc. While touring some of the ancient temples of Egypt, she decided to follow the ancient river trail taken by an embassy sent by the great Egyptian Queen Hashepsut, as they journeyed down the river Nile to the Kingdom of Nubia, in order to collect tribute from this Kingdom’s vassal king for their great Queen Hashepsut. During this pleasant journey down the Blue Nile, Madame visited many ancient temples, and other historical sites, and acquired a number of very valuable artifacts. Items which she later on put, in the care of a Black African tour guide and security guard from the Sudan (which is the central location of the ancient Kingdom of Nubia).

    On the surface this man seemed a nice, respectful, dilligent, and hard-working guy, but underneath all that gentle, respectful, and seemingly honest demeanor, lay the sneaky, dastardly, greedy, conniving, highly dishonest, and thieving mind of a shameless rogue. This Sudanese guide later conspired with some of his gang members to steal MC’s precious artifacts/antiques right out of the very big Sea Chest Madame had placed them in, and which this very same scallywag, was supposed to be guarding. But so very unfortunately for him, MC’s spirit is very strong, and no one who tries to steal from her (or harm her in any other way), ever gets away without extremely severe punishment.

    Madame’s sublime aura causes this despicable thief to make the mistake of his life! He decides that since Madame Catarina is exceedingly beautiful, highy sophisticated, very rich, and also has a refined taste for beautiful and expensive items, she must have even more of such valuable items in her majestic country home in Germany. And so this fool after having already very treacherously stolen precious items from Madame, hides inside one of the huge (but now empty) Sea Chests, stows aboard MC’s luxury Cruise Liner, and follows her back to Germany.

    Not knowing how powerful and lethal Madame can be; since she is secretly the leader of a network of European secret agents (all of whom are refined aristocratic ladies), this unfortunate African thief, intends to sneak out of the Sea Chest in the dead of night, after arriving safely in Madame’s country estate. Murder the unsuspecting lady (and anyone else he finds in her home), rob her of her precious possessions, and then use his ill-gotten wealth to buy him a new life in the lap of luxury. Boy oh boy! Was he ever so wrong, and about to get the rudest awakening of his hitherto worthless life!

    What an unfortunate fool he proved to be, for he never even once, suspected the enormous trouble he had just gotten himself into! Madame after refreshing herself from her long sea and land journey, decided to go down to the baggage room, and inspect her beautiful artifacts, and so surprised this thief by opening the massive trunk box he was hiding in, long before he could put his dastardly murderous and thieving schemes into effect. Shouting wildly like an animal, the thieving fool attacked Madame; who easily overpowered him (since she is a highly skilled martial artist). She disarmed him very quickly, taking the gun he held out of his murderous hand, and paralyzing him with one of her fancy Kungfu moves.

    Then Madame began this idiot’s bloodsoaked, and agony-filled journey, into the very darkest pits of hell. She stripped him completely naked, tied him down very firmly to her punishment bench, and then proceded to give him a very, very long, completely agonizing, will-breaking, utterly humiliating, totally subjugating, and terror-filled guided tour, of the dreadful charms of the most severe canes in her ample collection. In a truly harsh caning session of the utmost severity (one that undoubtedly will be recorded in the annals of venerable human caning history), MC caned this stupid black man’s bare bottom for a little more than one hour non-stop. And quite literally, succeeded in peeling the skin of his thieving black ass, with a variety of her cruelest, long-swishy-thick-and-painful, dragon canes, synthetic canes, dressage whips, carpet beater, and even some heavy sjamboks, until blood was flowing from his pathetic stow-away ass, like from a little red river.

    This foolish, thieving and murderous man, would never steal from anybody again after Madame was through with him. MC gave him the severest caning she had ever given anyone on camera (Oh yeah! This caning was even harder than what she has given Caneboy in the recent past), and after she finally stopped caning his heavily bleeding ass, she told the thief in her coldest and most severe tone of voice. „You robbed me in your country after I trusted you with the care/proyection of my property, then not satisfied with that you still came over illegally without a visa, to my own country, oh yes, even into my own home to kill and rob me!

    For this absolutely abominable crime, your life, your freedom, everything you own and/or will ever own, are now forfeit. You belong to me, and from this day henceforth, you will be my lifelong slave, and I will break you under lash of my many whips, and the severest strokes of my many canes. I will ensure that you are beaten very severely every day of your life from now on, until death releases you from my service either by me, or by my friends. You have incurred a huge debt to me; one that will require your entire miserable lifetime to pay, and I will make sure that you cry everyday you serve me, and sorrowfully regret the very day you decided to repay my kindness in employing you to guard my property, with evil! This new slave shivers and whimpers with abject terror as Madame pronounces this severe sentence of lifelong true slavery; a sentence of pure servitude, to be accompanied by the harshest of manual labors, no mercy canings, and and regular full-body blood whippings, and knew in the depths of his wretched soul, the true meaning of despair!

    Madame even though I don’t live in Germany, it would be my pleasure and a great honor to travel to Berlin next year, and learn to know your severest caning wrath, in the role of this evil and shameless Black African thief! Of course if it only pleases you to give your harshest blood canings to your very lucky pet Caneboy, then I fully understand, and I am in no way trying to suplant him or to take his place in your ennobling service. But I will be very grateful indeed, if you agree to make me know over the course of a little over one really excruciatingly painful hour, why it is really utterly foolish and wrong to offend Madame Catarina! Please let me know if this uber-severe blood caning movie idea of mine, interests you! And I hope you have a fantastic day!


    Valentine (A very bad African thief).

    • Thank you for the compliments and the nice story but where I’m “Lady of the Canes and Whip“ in August?
      PS: Please email me directly about sessions or movie making!

      • Valentine sagt:

        Hello Madame Catarina,

        Thanks for your kind reply! Sorry about naming you the „Lady of the Canes and Whips,“ if you don’t like that term. I simply meant to refer to your absolute mastery of, and great love for using these very powerful disciplinary implements. I actually do not know your personal email address, and that is why I tried to reach you with my movie shooting ideas in this fora. But I am going to search your websites again, to see if I will see a more direct email contact that I missed. Bye for now dear Madame, and I hope you have a splendid day!



  23. Valentine sagt:

    Furthermore Dear Madame Catarina,

    In using the term „…august…“ when I called you „…august Lady of the Canes and Whips,“ I was using the modern-day English Language version of the ancient Latin title „Augustus;“ which is used to refer to, or describe a highly respected person. To me Madame, you are an „…august Lady…“ or highly distinguished and respected person! For example Octavian (the nephew of Julius Ceasar) took the great title „Augustus“ when he became the sole and indisputable master of the Roman Empire; choosing for himself the divine title „Augustus Ceasar.“ And yes the month of August was named after Augustus Ceasar because of his work in refining our modern calendar, just like the month of July is named after his predecessor and uncle Julius Ceasar, but I was refering to your greatness when I used that term, not to the month of August. I hope you were (and are) not offended,by my use of this old fashioned title of respect, in refering to both your wonderful person and your famous disciplinary expertise.

    Best regards from,


      • Valentine sagt:

        Dear Madame,

        „Vielen, herzlichen Dank“ for posting your email address (that is pretty much all I can say in Deutsch for now)! I searched the internet for your main website where I found your email address, and have already sent you a very detailed email inquiry. It would be an honor, to drink deeply (hopefully as soon as next year) from the gushing fountain, of your uniquely red discipline. For I yearn to learn in person from you great Governess, the bitterly exquisite tenderness, of an unforgetable MC caning!

        Respectfully yours,


  24. adrian sagt:

    how about one where you have a slave s head , using it as if it was your car pedal pushing his face up and down as he has a spring pedal under his head so his face can be pushed down and the spring will bring it back for anuther push . i know it works as im on fet life under the human pedal .thanks

  25. jack sagt:

    hey miss , i like to see video just like institut for ill mannered husband , but you dominate a couple husband and wife tie the wife and torture the husband in front of her eyes and tie the husband and torture his wife in front of her eyes , and please wear your transparent black tall dress , tall hair , and high heel shoes , that makes you look very high class and expensive , thank you

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