Movie making today

I have had a lot of fun..and I’m sure the actor too and also I’m sure… there will be a part four of Dr.Psycho ;-)
I’ll let you know here or Facebook when the movie comes out.











Of course I’m waiting for good weather and a chance to shoot again on the hidden torture farm but in the past it’s raining and raining, so I’ll shoot in my salon today with the same actor from the last farm movie.Some ideas? I’m thinking about to return again as Dr.Psycho and torture the horny victim and/or give him an „anti-horny sexual treatment“ ;-)

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  1. Slave PJ sagt:

    Dearest Madame Catarina

    Wow! welcome back Dr Psycho!
    Maybe the Dr could wear thigh length boots!
    How about putting the slave in your special chair with some nipple and CBT with the pinwheel, milking machine,etc…before mummification and breath play maybe.
    Whatever you do will be wonderful and the actor a lucky slave

    slave PJ

  2. Fabio sagt:

    Good Morning MC
    is nice to read about new shooting and if return about Dr. Psyco maybe will be nice if you wear overall of doctor in black leather or latex of course with long boots and gloves. Then start with slave torture him: cbt, put him in examining table, whips , ashtray and spit and also some eletro torture on his cock and nipples,finish with cum of slave on gloves or boots. So to see you in sadistic way will be very good and im sure you will as always. The slave is better that dress mask. Have good shooting


  3. Otto sagt:

    Hello Madame Catarina,
    Dr. Psycho it is not my gender, too extreme for me, but I could suggest some scene in that way, in my opinion, that I hope you like:
    1. Black stockings, red polish, sandals, the slave is on four, with head down with your sandals on his hair/neck, you force him down, moving your feet left and right, and at the some time you whip his bottom.
    2. A bath tube, some ice, the slave naked over the ice, one smelling stockings in mouth, one on his eyes, blind him, the ice over the slave and you trample with your sandals every skin of him, head and sex too. After that, slave is laced open legs, open arms and you start ball kicking.
    3. The slave is mummified with plastic, laced reversed to your whip bench until his head is on the floor, feet up where you fix/put some candles, and you trample/smother is face barefeet and while you head standing him, you play cbt.

    Please, let me know what you think.

  4. Otto sagt:

    It is always a pleasure to know that you had fun! I really like your charme, your beauty and your kindness, you know you can be a drug? ;-) I hope to meet soon again.
    Have a nice day.

  5. ram sagt:


    Yesterday I sent you a private present on the bank account . It is small. But it will help you in your difficult business.
    You are constantly doing great and very interesting movie!
    Thank you for your art.

  6. kenji kikuchi sagt:

    It is a scene so shocking. I only see, I can not experience very much.

  7. Slave PJ sagt:

    What a wonderful photo….Really glad you had so much fun…your smile is the most wonderful sight in the world and your laughter the beautiful sound…especially when they are sadistic!
    It looks like Dr Psycho is back and she is meaner than ever…can’t wait to see the movie and the follow up. Maybe Otto’s idea with the ice or inverted mummification?…not that you need more sadistic ideas….you are the goddess of cruelty

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