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Caning test to become my new actor – out now on my C4S
English spoken!!!



ENGLISH SUBTITLE!!!  The Hidden Torture Farm VI“

Story: Outside of Berlin, where Madame is located, she owns an old farm, build in the nineteenth century. Madame Catarina has taken an unsuspecting victim as he visited his local garage to buy cigarettes and imprisoned him at the Hidden Torture Farm. Here she will break him in and train him to be used as her doggy slave.

Keywords: Madame Catarina, outdoor fur, leather, doggy training, boots, caged, nipple play, Female Domination, trampling, high heels, Femdom, slave, imprisonment, humiliation, whipping, cbt, nipples,







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Bootlicker under the desk II – Making a Tax Inspector a Slave

Story: Madame Catarina has a visit from the tax inspector and she is not amused at all by his attitude so she decides to make him her slave. Before long the helpless inspector is tied securely under her desk and is being subjected to breath play and  face sitting before becoming the ashtray and footstool of Madame Catarina. From this position the tax inspector quickly agrees to the changes to his report that Madame Catarina suggests and she leaves him helplessly bound beneath her desk. Before long Madame Catarina returns resplendent in leather, thigh boots and with a selection of toys to test out. Her new slave undergoes cruel CBT before being allowed to cum on his mistresses’ boots.

Keywords:  Madame Catarina, high heels, stockings, nylons, humiliation, CBT,  weights on balls, ball stretching, boots, heels, collar and lead, nipple torture, humiliation, female domination



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The Hidden Torture Farm V

Story: Madame Catarina has imprisoned a slave at the hidden torture farm. Although she has trained him well there is always fun to be had testing a slave to his limits.Madame Catarina decides to take the slave from his prison cell to enjoy some poolside amusement and test his devotion 

Keywords: Outdoor, farm, Madame Catarina, CBT, electro play, heavy weight on balls, ball stretching, boots, heels, collar and lead, nipple torture, humiliation, captivation, female domination




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Bootlicker’s Doggy Day IV  –  wmv and Mp4 in FULL HD

Story: Madame Catarina returns from walking her dog Bootlicker in the Kurfuerstendamm, a luxury shopping street in the centre of Berlin-West. Bootlicker has misbehaved on the shopping trip as he only wanted to play with other dogs, especially the bitches, made messes in the street and would not follow when his mistress called him. Madame Catarina decides it is time to continue his training and this time she will make sure he becomes the perfect dog

Keywords: Doggy training, Madame Catarina, Bootlicker, clamps, CBT, chastity devices, fur, boots, heels obedience training, collar and lead, pet play, dog play, Venus in fur, Venus im Pelz, boots, high heels, cbt, nipple torture, humiliation



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„Double Trouble Caning Session with very special guest Domina Liza“

Story: Domina Liza is visiting Berlin from England and decides to pay a visit to her good friend Madame Catarina. She brings with her a new slave she has acquired and the two ladies decide to test out the slave to see if he is worth keeping…

Keywords: corporal punishment, full body whipping, caning, spanking, single tail, Manila canes, whipping, nipple play, whips, high heels, female domination, Madame Catarina, Domina Liza, double domination, flogging,



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„Training for a leather slave FULL HD“

Story: Madame Catarina is wrapping, dressing, torment and punishing her leather slave with a lot of toys and submissive games…

Keywords: bastinado, cbt, nipple torture, whips, leather, high heels, pumps, mules, boots, leather, female domination, humiliation, Madame Catarina, nipple torture, high heels



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Madame’s brunch with Bootlicker

New Movie with Bootlicker in MCinema – don’t want to become a member? Use my Clips4Sale store

BL_Breakfast01 BL_Breakfast02










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Story:   Dressed in black seemed nylons, a retro garter belt and her morning coat Madame wants to enjoy a nice sparkling wine breakfast – a brunch, and Bootlicker can join her. A new job for Bootlicker to „assist“ Madame at her brunch – but if you can imagine he’ll do his job not as perferct as Madame prefer.

Keywords: nylons, stockings, high heels, pumps, mules, boots, leather, gloves, garter belt, bootlicker, boot licking, female domination, humiliation, Madame Catarina, nipple torture, glamour, fur, high heels, crashing, feeding, trampling,

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First chapters out now:

„Kicked and Tortured – the failed dungeon view“












VS_Farm-AO VS_Farm02 VS_BL_SpikyHeels




New movie „Bootlicker in double trouble II“ – special guest: Miss Diana


New movie: „Testing a new foot’n’boot actor slave“


New movie „Bootlicker in strings“VS_BL_Strings







„Caning Therapy II“  special guest Miss Diana

„Bootcamp II“ in MCinema Classic area


„Bootlicker degraded to sissy


Update picture gallery „Leather Mistress call for spanking marathon“


Update Caneboy in „Leather Mistress call for spanking marathon“


Update private Gallery „Vacation India“


Update „Agent One II and III








Update: The hidden torture farm

Update: Bootlicker’s interrogation – movie one and two

Update „Training for Caning“

Webshop is open!


Update: „Living Punchingball“

Update: „Teacher’s Lesson with Bootlicker and Miss Leni“





Update: „Bootlicker’s Doggy Day 03“

Update: “Alea iacta est – The is cast – Würfel sind gefallen”

Update: „Bootlicker – puppet on strings“

Update: New movie: You wan’t get far by lying – movie two

Update: New movie: You wan’t get far by lying – movie one“

Update: New private gallery: „Lebanon vacation“

Update: New movie: „Bootlicker – puppet on strings“



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Update 02/08/2012:
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Hidden Torture Farm – Agent One testing the new spy recruit – FULL HD 1920×1080

NEW: FULL HD 1920×1080

Story: In movie one „Agent ONE breaks the spy“ Madame Catarina as Agent ONE kidnapped and tortured the spy and captured him in a dark cellar to find out
the mobile number of his employer of an offences….But this movie – part two shoes the that the spy is defected to Agent One’s agency. But can Agent ONE trust him? Is he loyal? The best is always to test the new spy recruit with a lot of torment and humiliation. Can he resist? Agent ONE takes him a electro control chastity belt on with an 300m distance long remote control – the power will hits him directly on his balls – you can hear the beep all time.

Keywords: electro chastity belt, bootcamp drill, military,  forced cum, torment, torture, electro play, nipple torture, cbt, interrogation, wax, hidden torture farm, breath control

Length: 44:00min

Madame Catarina, Smoking Trailer by el Poo design bureau.

„Dr. Psycho III“



Story: Dr. Psycho is always known as a crazy woman who like to torment men but at most for her kind to make experiences and treatments
because of the wrong sexual behaviour. This movie shoes a men who cant stop be horny but Dr. Psycho is starting an anti sexual treatment against this male problem: Pain, pain, pain and milking so often the slave if he stop to be horny. Dr. Psycho against the human being male creature nature! Dungeoning in a strait jacket and a chastity belt Dr. Psycho kept this always horny men over night. But now the treatment starts….

Keywords: forced cum, nipple torture, cbt, electro play, urethra stretching, needles, sensory deprivation, milking machine, multiple milking orgasms cum,

Length: 50min


Madame’s spiky heels and Bootlicker’s distress


VS BL SpikyHeels


Story: Bootlicker brought new high heels for Madame – very dangerous with metal spikes at the top – some other pair of high heels and at least Madame let him suffer under her shiny boots. She weras two different high heels with soikes and some shiny boots. With thats boots she crushed some friuts and chocolate but also a smoked cigerette Bootlicker has to swallow….

Keywords: forced cum, ruined orgasm, nipple torture, cbt, ball kicking

Length: 60min


BL SpikyHeels E

New private gallery: „August in Beirut“

10 pictures added into my private gallery.

Agent ONE breaks the spy



Story: Madame Catarina as Agent ONE kidnapped and tortured a spy and captured him in a dark cellar to find out
the mobile number of his employer of an offenses….

Agent ONE overwhelmed the spy from behind, put him in her car trunk and adducting him to a dark
hidden cellar. She starts to make him amenably she milks him quick with a milking machine…then the real torture starts.

Keywords: forced cum, kidnapping, torture, electro play, nipple torture, cbt, interrogation

Length: 38min



The hidden torture farm II – the lazy stable boy

Madame Catarina returns to her hidden torture farm, outside of Berlin…

The stable slave is attached in the small and dirty slave bunker. Before Madame leaves for horse back riding she gives him the order to toting the stone pile from left to right just to make him busy and effetely. But when she returns the lazy slave is sleeping on the green. Oh what a cheek! Quick and strong beats  down the dressage crop to wake him up for a punishment on chest and back….Next job for him, clean out the stable. If he will working more diligent you’ll see in chapter two.

Madame has relaxed and changed her dress into a breathtaking leather outfit with very long thigh high boots. As she returns to the stable to control the work of her slave she found him drunken sleeping in the straw with a fetish magazine and a nearly empty bottle of cognac. A cane wakes him up and quick he is over the butchers buck, pants down and the caning starts without any warm up…

The last part is a nice bull whipping part outside in at the green…
Keywords:  corporal punishment, caning, bull whipping, outdoor, humiliation, riding breeches

New gallery: „The English way of tea time“

New movie: „The English way of tea time“


Story: Madame Catarina welcomes Domina Liza from UK in her home. Both ladies like to do some horse back riding but the weather is really British in Berlin, only rain. While having a tea both thinking about to using the chair slaves to having fun with a battle. That will be horse racing, doggy play and a competition who cums first…

Keywords: humiliation, human furniture, pet play, two mistresses – two slaves, dog play, face sitting, boot licking, riding breeches, spurs, living ashtray, smoking

Length: 46min


New gallery: „Testing a new corporal punishments slave“

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