Last Shooting „Bootlicker as camera man“

To give my slaves the feeling of real domination I had the idea to I buy a
head camera and attach this on Bootlickers mask. Now all can see what
Bootlicker see and can more imagine how it is to be dominated by me.








Story: Have you ever wondered what it is like to serve at the feet of a true goddess? What is a slave’s eye view? What does the slave experience? This is not the usual POV movie. Madame Catarina has strapped a camera to the head of her slave Bootlicker giving a unique view of what it is truly like to serve her.








Chapter ONE: Madame Catarina is dressed in stunning leather and thigh length boots and has ordered you to entertain her this afternoon as she enjoys a cigarette and a glass of sparkling white wine. You lie helpless at her feet and she decides to fit you with a funnel and uses you as an ashtray. Can you taste the ash as you swallow it, can you taste the mixture of wine and her saliva as she spits into your mouth. Can you feel the delicious pain as she crushes your cock beneath her heels and what do you feel when you gaze into her eyes as she begins to torture your nipples….

Keywords: Keywords : Madame Catarina, Smoking, Human Ashtray , Spitting, Femdom, Boots, Leather, POV, Female Domination, Mistress,

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10 Kommentare zu Last Shooting „Bootlicker as camera man“

  1. Rudolf sagt:

    Ein sehr interessanter Film aus einer einzigartigen Perspektive. Danke für die Verwirklichung dieser Idee. Madame Catarina trägt ein wunderbares schwarzes Leder-Outfit.

  2. E i t h Karl sagt:

    Wir hatten vor längerer Zeit mal Kontakt. Stelle mich als Film Sklavenhandel Karl
    zur Verfügung.
    Habe viele Filme im O W K gedreht!

  3. Sluttyboy sagt:

    Oh ja, das mit der GoPro aus der unmitttelbaren Sklaven Perspektive ist schon genial. Und diese Boots, Stiletto-Absätze vom Allerfeinsten. Die würde ich gerne auch mal so zu spüren bekommen.

  4. KJ sagt:

    Einer der schönsten Blickwinkel!

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