Last shoot for 2013 – 12/18/

What an idea when a a newbie in bdsm wants to visit my dungeon but I kick him by the balls down, capture him and torture him for his first session .. I would call it „thrown into
the deep end“ ;-)

KickedTortured02 KickedTortured03 KickedTortured04 KickedTortured05





















Tomorrow we’ll shoot for the last time this year with the actor of „Agent ONE breaks the spy“ and last part of „Dr. Psycho“.
Any suggestions?

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Eine Antwort auf Last shoot for 2013 – 12/18/

  1. Chris sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    maybe, this days it would be last time for him at freedom, with the beginn of the new year, he has a new life task as slave of a madame. you become the order, to kidnap the slave from street (make a trap from him, please knock him out with a soaked cloth) and bring him into a cellar, where you will break him, make him wike willed; learn him how to serve and whorship a madame with maybe shoekissing, soft spanking, nipple clamps, … you know so many ways to break a slave; please make a great kidnap and enslave him, …

    love greetings

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