Canceled! It’s time for Bootlicker again..shoot at 1st of July

I’m sorry to tell you that the shooting is canceled.
Next shooting is on Wednesday with my dear slave from the shooting
„X-mas tree“
Has somebody some classical bdsm ideas for a slave training?

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  1. kenji kikuchi sagt:

    I wouid like to work with the mix THREE TIME BLOW and THE LIVING PUNCHING BALL.

  2. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear MC,

    Here you have my first set of ideas by now :

    -Thigh high leather boots, of course. Your highest heels, please!
    -Hard Ballbusting
    -Trampling with heels tearing his back! (I remember an awesome scene in Pizzaboy movie where you insisted till causing a good harm on his flesh !)
    -Trampling of balls (I mean with the heels too!)
    -Forced smoking (I would love to see a full movie from you with this fetish, slave with gasmask, full bondage straight jacket, so on)
    -Caning (a must for me, but your movies with Caneboy have set a new level and anything else is far from that…)
    -Dressage whipping (a long dressage whip would sound awesome in your hands!)
    -Bullwhipping (same thing, you are an expert in all the instruments and a bullwhip is one of the most dificult to manage!)

    I will add new ideas, I have a quite hot mind that tends to the edge play sometimes….:-D

    Thank you MC!

  3. damian sagt:

    Goddess, I dream of a smoking forced scene, MC with a holder…

  4. Slave peter sagt:

    Dearest Madame Catarina

    Just an idea but how about a burlesque theme, corsets, masks, fishnets and of course boots and heels. Maybe some human ashtray action and some riding crop and heel cbt.
    Whatever you decide to do I’m sure it will be amazing

    Your obedient slave

    Slave peter

  5. Slave Tomas sagt:

    Slave training in Riding boots and leather riding pants, the same outfit as in Boudoir caning the first part, a gorgeous strict, dominant outfit.
    Slave training includes hard physical training to get the slave body in shape.
    Push-ups kissing Madames boot and worshiping it every time, sit-ups if too easy Madame puts her riding boot on slaves chest pressing down, knee bends, high jumps, crawling like a maggot on the floor, etc. Madame stands arrogant and superior, hitting a riding crop against her high shiny boot while commanding the slave.
    Slave is allowed to drink from a dog bowl on the floor if necessary, good enough for a worthless slave.
    When Madame decides to smoke she uses a long holder for a more arrogant look, slave has to swallow the ash from the cigarette and when Madame is done with cigarette she crushes it with her boot and slave has to lick it up from the floor.
    Madame is of course not satisfied with the lazy slave’s performance and decides to punish him hard.
    Madame locks slave’s hands and feet, then slave has to start roll around on the floor as Madame chooses different whips and canes to use on the slaves body accompanied with kicks from the riding boots.
    Madame uses dice to decide number of strokes with each instrument and number of kicks with the boot.
    When Madame is satisfied with punishment slave has to lick and polish Madame’s boots that might have become dirty during punishment.
    While slave polishes Madame’s boots he has to promise to be a better slave.
    Madame is not sure slave understands that he has to work hard to become a good and obedient slave and face slaps him hard several times with her gloved hand.
    Madame attach a dog leash to slave’s balls and then slave has to crawl around on the floor as Madame’s dog, Madame controls him with commands, the leash, kicks and trampling.
    If too easy for slave to crawl around Madame locks slaves hands on back.
    Finally Madame brings out the bullwhip for final punishment, Madame command slave to sit and stand in uncomfortable positions while Madame stands tall and mighty and lets the bullwhip bite in on the lazy slave.
    When Madame is satisfied with bullwhipping the slave has to crawl like a maggot up to Madame promising to be a better slave next time

    Only You Madame Catarina can make a scene like this justice.
    Your true obedient slave tomas

  6. Japanese slave sagt:

    Face slapping,Spitting.
    House slave works.
    I want to see it.
    I would like to stand as a candidate as a shooting slave.
    I really worship Madame.

  7. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear MC,

    Sorry I forgot to include Faceslapping. I would love to see you in full leather outfit with leather gloves and provide this poor guy hundreds of hard slaps!!

    He could also wear a hood to let you slap him even harder!! :-D

  8. Sklave Bruce sagt:

    Bonjour Madame,
    In meiner Phantasie kommen dominate arrogante Frauen
    in hohen Stiefel mit hohen Absätzen vor. Idealerweise
    haben sie knallrote Lippen und tragen Sonnenbrillen.
    Ebenfalls dazu gehören Nylon, Latex, Businessoutfit,
    Jodhpurhose oder am liebsten Pelzmantel.
    Wenn dann auch noch ein Sklave bedinungslos
    erniedrigt mit einem Plug im Arsch der Dame auf die
    Stiefel spitzt um es danach aufzulecken oder
    zwangsentsamt wird springen mir die Knöpfe von der
    Hose. Mein Lieblingsfilm von dir ist ‚Venus in Furs‘ da
    dieser Film meiner Phantasie am Nächsten kommt und der Sklave
    dir (deiner Schönheit) total verfallen ist…
    Hoffe dass ich helfen konnte…;-))
    Dein Bruce

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