Hidden Torture Farm 02 – Shoot 07/13/2013

The weather was perfect and I have had a lot of fun:

Farm02_01 Farm02_02





















At Saturday we will shoot again at the hidden torture farm with my new CP slave from Swiss.
Any ideas for a story?
– some kind of interrogation – next Agent ONE movie?
– kidnapping and torture – hidden torture farm 01?
– hunting and bagging the victim?

Tell me your ideas till Saturday morning!



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13 Kommentare zu Hidden Torture Farm 02 – Shoot 07/13/2013

  1. Slave Peter sagt:

    Dearest Madame Catarina
    Whatever you do is sure to be glorious.
    The animal pens and feeders look great places to suspend and chain your slave from…making it easy for you to get to every part. It seems the ideal location for some nipple torture and CBT and maybe some strap on play.
    Once you have broken your slave maybe you might use him for doggie training and some extreme boot cleaning.
    Only wish I where there

    Slave Peter

    • Thx slave pete for your ideas – but I can’t go to the farm with any whipping or caning, maybe bull whipping ;-)

      • Slave Peter sagt:

        Dearest Madame Catarina
        A helpless slave, a lonely isolated farm and you with a bullwhip in your hands. Ouch! I think you might be going to enjoy yourself!
        Your poor slave….how i envy him!

        Slave Peter

  2. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear MC,

    Anything will work, your only presence is stunning by its own!

    But if you ask for suggestions, I would say Bullwhipping, but a real hard treatment on his back…Could he endure it or will you prefer to look for some kind of „Bullwhippingboy“?

    Also, full leather and thigh high boots are a must. And maybe some ballbusting action, I’m increasing my interest in cbt and so on…

    Just a curiosity, but may I ask you also when will it be possible to film a new video with Caneboy?



  3. Antonio sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina, I would like to see a hard punishment whit bullwhips in full leather. Regards Antonio

  4. slave tomas sagt:

    It’s very, very generous of you Madame to give opportunity and chance for a humble admirer of you to be allowed to come with ideas of a scenario for you exquisite movies.
    The hidden farm is perfect for lots of scenarios but one in my mind is this.
    A farm is a place where lots of work is done, You Madame as the sadistic owner comes for an inspection of the work being done by the useless slave, of course you don’t find it done in the way you want and expect it to be, severe punishment is the only alternative.

    You Madame always look dominating and strict in everything you wear but for a sadistic owner of a farm riding boots and leather breeches, a white strict shirt accompanied with your long black leather coat would be perfect if I might say.

    The work being done by a stupid slave is of course meaningless and just for keeping the slave fit and in shape, he can move rocks from one side to the other and then back or sweep the floor in the farm house.
    As he works You Madame stand behind him in your black leather and hits your riding crop against your boot and just waits for the right moment to start punish him, some hard face slaps are necessary to get the slave to pay more attention to his work.
    For his bad performance trampling and hard boot licking are necessary
    the slave must lick your boots so they are perfectly immaculate when you punish him later.
    For his bad performance of course the slave must be whipped hard and long with different kinds of whips and canes. Finally You Madame choose the fantastic bullwhip, a whip You Madame handles so very well, preferably outside, with the naked slave begging on his knees for your mercy.
    When the slave can’t take the whip any more You can use him as your dog and walk him around outside for a while, if the dog needs something to drink he is be allowed to drink from a dog bowl at your boots but you kick out the water with your boot just before he gets to it and just laughs at him when done with walking your dog the dog must lick the dust from your boots.
    When done with the punishment the slave is commanded back to work while you relax in a chair or leaves the farm.

    Best regards
    slave tomas

    • Hello slave tomas,

      thank you very much for your nice and special ideas – it comes very close what I’ve work out for today ;-)

      • slave tomas sagt:

        Madame, thank you for your comment and the pictures from today on the farm looks great.
        i’m looking forward to see the movie when it’s avalaible.
        As always You Madame look so Stunning and Dominant and the farm is a perfect place to treat your slaves in the way Madame wants.
        Thank you Madame Catarina for your exquisite Movies, they are many levels above everything else.

        Your submissive worshiper
        slave tomas

  5. Alex sagt:

    Hello MC,
    in a site I have read that you play NS in session, if it is true why do not punish this lucky slave with your champagne? After having cleaned your boots he should be very thirsty!
    Best regards, Alex

  6. Emilio sagt:

    The real dream of my slave life…never maked until now…the farm..bullwhip.. dirty boots and foul prison….WONDERFUL SUPREME MADAME CATARINA!!! :D

  7. Aapadia Neo sagt:

    Thank You Mistress Catarina for giving me opertunity to express ideas. May be its not in time but still you may work it in future .

    You gave appointment for an interview of a male slave at your palace.

    The game starts from the point of entering the slave in the house. he started being stripped and humiliated in front of the junior mistresses to prepare him to be in front of you. they even tortured a lot him to just measure his cock and balls volume, asshole etc.

    Then they sent him to the salon where you were shaping your hair and oiling it by your barber ladies. you make the slave standing in front of you and ordered the barberetts to shave his whole body and head. after shaving his head and cock and balls youo order them take him to the field where you are going to whip him for 10mins.

    Now you like him to be fucked his asshole by barberetts on the table of the salon and applying oils on whole body. you like to shock him time to time and enjoy the pain of the slave.

    finally you wanted to give a gift to the slave for his good performance.

    you asked to the slave that he may select the woman from whom he like to get the gift. he choose you. you took a bowl and feel it with your piss. you keep the bowl in front of the slave telling that he should not dishonour his mistress‘ gift.

    you all live him alone and left the room making it locked.

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