Greetings from my vacation

Today it’s going home.
The last pictures from the wellness resort Byblos.















Oh my god, I’ve made a very intersting picture yesterday, I can’t believe it ;-))))))))))))))))


I would like to send you until next movie making my greetings from a place steeped in history: Baalbek
Here are a new pictures:








Kind regards,


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19 Antworten auf Greetings from my vacation

  1. Caneboy sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    thank you for this impressing picture and further good recovery wishes you,

    with best greetings,


  2. Erol Teksan sagt:

    I hope you visit to Turkey when you return to home MC.
    You must see some beauties from our country.
    eg Efes, Sirince, Seytan Sofrası etc.
    And also want to show our hospitality :o)
    Take care and have a nice holiday…
    Erol Teksan…

  3. ram sagt:

    Great place! Here is a very interesting ancient history!
    You were in a complex Trilithon? I read that the stones better than the pyramid of Cheops. Is this true? What is your impression?
    I hope see more pictures of this beautiful place. But the better course to you. You make this place even more beautiful!

  4. ram sagt:

    Thanks for the pictures! a Roman bath?

  5. Caneboy sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,

    thank you for this new impressionen of their round trip,

    I wish you further a recovery seed vacation.

    Best regards


  6. Caneboy sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina ,

    thank you , I look forward to it .

    Oh , also a very interesting picture , Female Justice Case ….. ;-)))))

    Best regards


  7. Erol Teksan sagt:

    The woman who cover the face , is that you !!! ???

  8. ram sagt:

    Gorgeous photo!

  9. Erol Teksan sagt:

    How’s your feelings about trip ?
    Amazing , different, magnificent or boring ?
    Is it worth to go there ?

    • Hello @ all!

      I arrived yesterday midnight save but with 2hours delay from Frankfurt.
      Lebanon is an very interesting country between modernity and very old
      History. You can visit places where the Phoenician before 2000 years have had
      an advanced civilization and go Gucci shopping in a modern town where you
      see almost nothing from from the war. You can spend time at the Mediterranean Sea
      or go Skiing at the mountains.
      Very to suggest!

      Kind regards,

  10. ocean12 sagt:

    You are real GODDESS…i m Your fan from Bulgaria…please my GODDESS tell me how we can t talk or write…i please You i stand Your slave(money slave)…please my GODDESS…i knee under You and kiss the floor under You…

  11. Michael sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina, this Arab Dom picture is fantastic. Its modern Arab art – would love to see more. Sincerely Yours, Michael

  12. bootlicker sagt:

    Dear Catarina,

    this arab domme photo is georgeous- even in no clothes you are dammed sexy;
    wether salman rushdie haters like yourstyle and your behaviour to poor innnocent arab men, i am not shure..

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