From the hidden torture farm




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9 Kommentare zu From the hidden torture farm

  1. Ayck sagt:

    Welch glücklicher Sklave, der im dunklen Verlies auf die einzig wahre MADAME CATARINA warten muss…… Erinnerungen werden wach……

  2. Fabio sagt:

    Great pictures, I like such theme of hidden prisoner, is ine of my favourite theme. MC are you going to do another film about prison in a special place, example rudes medieval castle or similar? Can be very interest…


  3. Chris sagt:

    Dear Madame Catarina,
    it looks very good, when a slave is your hand! no escape, maybe when he is kidnap before, he didn’t know what happens, i like it! or is it a present for Lady Caprice? she likes riding or will she break the slave of this way…
    the preview looks very good and the outfits very nice, ready for a nice kidnap…
    submissive greetings

  4. A lovely set of photos above and a highly desirable position to be in. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Yann sagt:

    It was a dream to be kidnapped by you and Lady Caprice, Thanks for all,
    I hope see you again soon,

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