Corporal Punishment shooting today – new actor

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VenusFur02_02b VenusFur02_01











Click to buy the clip the preview pictures above!










I don’t know what we can expect – let’s be curious about it!

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8 Kommentare zu Corporal Punishment shooting today – new actor

  1. caning boy sagt:

    After a long time…
    i am so exciting for next movie.
    ready for buy

  2. Matt sagt:

    Buy the pics? Do you think everything is business???? It would be better if you update website contents or offer a cheaper membership… Sorry but not all fans are rich people, MC.

    • Don’t know what you talking about but maybe it is your English. No one talking about „buying pic’s“ ????
      It is a link to buy the first clips of the movie on Clips4Sale!!! Better read carefully and TRANSLATE then talking to me that way!!!!

      God let it rain brain…


      PS: same your last comment – before complaining inform yourself!

    • Severin II sagt:

      Hi Matt,

      sorry to tell you, but despite the fact you did not read or understand the link correctly,
      you are a l s o wrong in thinking, MC is a business-woman trying to make money with everything. That´s the way you put it. And it is just a prejudice/prejudgement which may be fitting to some kind of women (and believe it or not: to some kind of m e n as well ) but NOT TO Madame Catarina !!!
      So, I can understand Madame C.`s anger very well, concerning you comment.

      I participated in the film and I can assure you, that the conditions under which I was allowed to act in the clips were AT THE UTMOST FAIR AND GENEROUS.

      „Severin II“

  3. Matt sagt:

    Sorry Madame Catarina,

    I’m just reading that „Click to buy the preview pictures above! . In English it usually means „click ‚here‘ in order to buy the preview pictures that you see just above“, and not „click above, where the pictures are, in order to buy ‚whatever else‘ „. So I think I’m not wrong with my poor English…

    Please next time try not to feel so badly when somebody says something that might annoy you. I do not know you, and surely you are a very intelligent and charming person, but you should show more respect here towards unknown people, even when there are many bad mannered guys over there. Maybe I should have expressed me in a diferent way, I was just a bit upset.

    My apologies if you felt attacked.For me, this is over.



    P.S. By the way, just to your personal information, I have a good/average English (B2 certified level in fact), enough for these standard translating purposes…

  4. caning boy sagt:

    Can we expect for brutal caning 3 part?

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