„British Exercises“ with actor red carrot – 03/11/2016

Story:Madame Catarina is the Headmistress of the Institute for Young Students. The Institute is founded on a strict philosophy in which all misbehaviour will be punished with painful exercise. An errant student has been sent to see the headmistress to receive his punishment for his misbehaviour and truancy and he will be punished!

Keywords: corporal punishments, face slapping, headmistress, Madame Catarina, caning, spanking, internatstellung

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5 Antworten auf „British Exercises“ with actor red carrot – 03/11/2016

  1. caning boy sagt:

    Dear MC,
    Actually we have seen more violent and blood in your some previous movies, so now we expect some more than that.
    Well try…but

    • At first, my name is Madame Catarina and not MC!
      Second what you can expect with consistently same questions is NOTHING!
      This is the last time I publish your posts!

      • Guenter Schemel sagt:

        Prima Antwort, gnaedigste Goettin

        Wenn Er es nicht sehen will, so soll Er doch nicht hingucken, der Depp!
        Fuer mich sind Sie verehrte Madame Catarina, das aufregenste Geschoepf, das ich je sah, und ich traeume von meiner ersten Begegnung mit Ihnen.
        Gruss: G. Schemel (pinguin.tux@online.de)

  2. Victor sagt:

    Lovely, so beautiful and cruel at the same time… Wish to practice these „british exercises“ with you some day, Madame Catarina!

    For me you are mistress number one. Worldwide!

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