„Bootlicker’s Interrogation“ second part movie making today 09/24/2012

Story: The interrogation goes forward as Madame is detecting the stolen boots from the first movie are slightly damages and have some scratches. To buy new boots she wants to exacting the bank account numbers from Bootlicker. This is a really hard Bootlicker movie.
The movie comes out at MCinema next weekend (09/28/2012).















I’ll post the first pictures asap here!

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8 Kommentare zu „Bootlicker’s Interrogation“ second part movie making today 09/24/2012

  1. VICTOR sagt:

    Dear MC,

    It looks like a new wonderful movie from you. I was quite a long time since your last filming… Thank you!

    By the way, may I ask you which brand are the boots from the photos?

    Another question, when are you planning a new movie with Caneboy? I love them, they are instant-classics!!! You are soooo beautiful and severe !!!

  2. Slave Tomas sagt:

    Divine Madame Catarina!
    You make the most outstanding movies and to be under your gorgeous Boots is a privilege to any slave.
    Madames Boots are as always fantastic and no one can compare with Your stunning looks and superior attitude.
    Your submissive admirer, slave tomas

  3. Caneboy sagt:


    Thanks for this exciting and hard double movie with Bootlicker .

    It is a great pleasure to watch her perfekt dominance to be allowed ,

    undisputed NUMBER ONE !

    Best regards


  4. SklaveK sagt:

    Wunderschöne Bilder. Es macht einen nur sprachlos..

    Danke Madame Catarina

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