Boot jack…

alias Bootlicker shoot today, Madame Catarina in riding outfit & jackboots!
I try to post the pictures this evening or early tomorrow morning.

Here are the pictures:


















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10 Kommentare zu Boot jack…

  1. slave peter sagt:

    Dearest Madame Catarina
    A dream come true…You in riding outfit and boots..I can’t wait to see the photos and of course the movie. My head swims with anticiaption
    Yours in adoration and respect
    slave peter

  2. Emilio sagt:

    Unbelievable!!!! MC like Riding Mistress!! The dream of a lot of slave become true…
    How i envy your bootslave…a real lucky man!! Clean,kiss,worship yours riding boots dirty of mud :D
    I hope one day also me can make tke same game with her,of course
    With devotion
    Slave emilio

  3. slave peter sagt:

    Dearest Madame Catarina
    WOW! These photos are amazing..even more amazing than usual! Which is saying a lot.
    I spent all last night dreaming of what they might be like..they excel all expectations.
    Wonderful..Lucky bootlicker to be ridden and branded by You.
    I will patiently await the movie

    Thank you for such wonderful images and imagination

    Yours in adoration

    slave peter

  4. slave peter sagt:

    Thank You Madame Catarina
    I will look forward to watching this movie with great anticipation and delight. I am sure it will be absolutely spectacular. until then i will wait patiently dreaming of what delights you subject bootlicker to and imagining it was me

    Adoration and respect

    slave peter

  5. Emilio sagt:

    Dear MC,i see now your preview about bootlickers horse…wonderful movie,but i hope was maked outdoor,with mud and dirty boots…i hope one day can see that movie…may be me as your horse stable slave…
    With the same devotion
    Slave emilio

    • Caneboy sagt:

      they have one admit strict leading hand ,
      a scenario very worth seeing , thank you for it.

      Best regards


  6. slave peter sagt:

    Dearest madame Cartarina
    This must be the ultimate movie to date. What a wonderful experience to watch you dominating bootlicker in this way. Awesome

    Adoration and respect

    slave peter

  7. Anonymous sagt:

    Madame Catarina,footworship,high heels and seam nylons very attractive… thank you..

    Carpetboy videos example… very beatiful

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