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Hidden Torture Farm – Special Event – Special Guest Lady Stella

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New movie shoot today 25/06/2015 Caning!

Good morning, still don’t not know how the actor feels but I know what I have done yesterday ;-) Yes – he will be absolutely one of my new favourite caning actors! I used at first a flogger an a … Weiterlesen

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“A hood hiding the face which is the most expressive part of a person so the hood or mask makes the slave a thing – but a GAG makes them useful!” MC The book “Venus in fur” was a guiding … Weiterlesen

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Movie shoot today: Special guest Mistress Akella from London…

Here we go with the newest pictures from the shoot and of course a selfie ;-) Can’t say the slave has had a lazy day, from to chauffeur Mistress Akella from the airport the the hotel, then guide her to … Weiterlesen

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Mistress Akella back to BERLIN – Double Domme at the capital of Germany

After having a good time in Stuttgart with the Sardax Gag Shop Project also Mistress Akella decided to come back to Germany – to BERLIN! What a perfect idea to offer the „Berliner’s“ and all other Germans to meet her … Weiterlesen

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Meeting again Mistress Ezada Sinn: Movie shoot and German Fetish Ball

Here we are after a long shoot yesterday with fresh pictures! What a day, we have had so much fun – but I guess Bootlicker was in a big trouble – double trouble AND gagged ;-) Then we ended the … Weiterlesen

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On travel to Stuttgart Sardax Gag Shop Project

Well pampered by my property slave pj with wine at the business lounge.

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From the hidden torture farm

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Madame Catarina ‘Gag Shop’ Story

I love my old apartment at the ‘village ‘. I love the period details, the high ceilings and of course my lovely old furniture. The view is stunning as is the location, so close to the plaza and my favourite … Weiterlesen

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Today 04/20/2015 shooting with my Swiss CP slave … it is not only a normal shoot it is also a test if he is dare enough for being our all slave actor for Stuttgart. Can he take the cane from 4 Ladies? The whip? What do you think? … Weiterlesen

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