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Caning shooting

I have shoot a new caning movie – don’t miss the clips on C4S

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Filming with Mistress Ezada Sinn on Hidden Torture Farm this weekend

What a nice weekend meeting and filming with my friend Mistress Ezada Sinn. I think she really liked the Hidden Torture Farm. MC _____________________________________________________________ I arrived yet and wait for Mistress Ezada, the weather is nice and we’ll have BBQ … Weiterlesen

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Shootings today..

Click to by the movie/clips on the pictures below:                                                 with Chris, the actor from Dr. Psycho … Weiterlesen

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„British Exercises“ with actor red carrot – 03/11/2016

Story:Madame Catarina is the Headmistress of the Institute for Young Students. The Institute is founded on a strict philosophy in which all misbehaviour will be punished with painful exercise. An errant student has been sent to see the headmistress to … Weiterlesen

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Corporal Punishment shooting today – new actor

Click the preview pictures to buy the clip on my Clips4Sale Store                     Click to buy the clip the preview pictures above!                 I … Weiterlesen

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„Xmas brings always a birched butt…“ – spontaneous shooting yesterday

Yesterday my Swiss slave visits me and decided spontaneous to film that session by an other house slave. If I’ll find the time I’ll subtitle the movie in English. But here are the first pictures – yes it was funny … Weiterlesen

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Movie shoot yesterday .. other chair – an other story – Dr. Psycho returns and plays some perfidious games with her kept victim: cock, balls and nipples are „fair game“ for her and her cruel toys.               … Weiterlesen

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New movie shoot today „Human furniture“

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Nile Adventure – on the path of Agatha Christie

Such a lovely time in Egypt on the path of Agatha Christie and her book „Death on the Nile“, spoiled by my British Butler – read his Blog for more details about the travel: slave pj blog You can find … Weiterlesen

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New Website Launch and new Event at the Hidden Torture Farm at October!!!

Click now and make your booking!

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