Hidden Torture Farm Special Event – 14th till 16th of May
Make your own experience then just watch the movies…
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October 9th till 11th: HIDDEN TORTURE FARM EVENT
Watch our brand new website:  HTF

September 26th – October 5th Nile cruise with my property and 24/7 slave pj as butler/toy/baggage porter and camera men on the original ship from Agatha Christie’s  thriller „Death on the Nile“. We’ll return hopefully with a lot pictures, clips and dairy’s about this trip. More information all about on slave pj’s blog and of course at all my websites.

AUGUST: 14.-16. „Bootcamp/PetPlay/Kidnapping/Outddor-Sessions“ and much more at the hidden torture farm with guest Mistress planned – Hidden Torture Farm Special Event

JUNE: Mistress Akella from London visits me in my dungeon for filming and double domme sessions.


MAY: 08th – 10th Stuttgart Studio Domatrix:
Meeting with Lady Victoria Valente, Mistress Ezada Sinn and Lady Akella from the „Sardax gag shop project“ for photo and filming  – double sessions also possible!




Escort with Lady Caprice 5/17 + 5/18 (poss. +5/20)
Escort with Lady Caprice 3/18 + 3/19


October self driving adventure trough Jordanian 10/9 – 10/25
Escort to Beirut again 08/12 – 08/16 2013
Escort to Beirut 3/24 -3/27
4/29 – 5/8 Spa in Germany

April vacation: Tunisia 04/24 – 05/01/2012
November vacation: 10/30/2012 – 11/11/2012 Maharajah Express trough India

12/24 – 01/01/2012 wellness trip at the Baltic Sea
12/07 – 12/16/2011 birthday trip, Nile cruise on an old sailer
10/12 – 10/21/2011 round trip trough Lebanon
08/17 -08/19/2011 short wellness trip
27. – 30. of April – wellness trip

30.12.- 8. of January 2011 Sea vacation
11. – 20. of December –  Birthday vacation at the desert camp „Al Maha“ outside of Dubai:
09. – 11. of November – Escort with Lady Zoraya at Luxembourg
09. – 21. of October –     Round trip trough Syria

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