Shooting with Bootlicker 11/18/2013

Autumn – a bad month for Bootlicker
(click to get it here)

Read what Bootlicker say about the shoot:

“This shooting was very exiting for me as Bootlicker;
I couldn’t hardly see very much in the beginning underneath her soles in my Densk masks
I could only taste her mud and filth which i had to swallow a lot- a feeling between extremal sexual devotion
and disgusting, i couldn’t stop sucking her dirty heels and soles in hope to satisfy her… I felt like a bootlicking machine,
my tongue only made for wiping the dirt under the soles of- (next time we should fix her with clamps for this treatment…)
In the second episode madame was looking so gorgeous and erotic, how a Domina must lookalike in my dreams…
Absolutely adorable- i was very glad to be her willingness toy in these scenes
It was so stimulating to be bound and hanging in this helpless way, waiting for her gloves and boots to worship them, being her carpet
and to be treated painfully and dominant. In this two humblers beneath the sole of her wonderful boot i could explode endlessly…”

BL_AutumMud01 BL_AutumMud02















Any suggestions? What kind of outift? Leather, Nylons, PVC?
What kind of story?
Let me know…

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Vacation October

Vacation from 10/09 till 10/25 2012
Please note: no emails can be answered during this period!

Urlaub vom 9.10. bis 25.10. 2012
Es können während dieser Zeit leider keine Emails beantwortet werden.

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“Hidden torture farm – Agant ONE testing the spy” Shooting at 09/26/2013

..this is really a hard nut to crack!
I guess more tests will be necessary.

Farm_AOII_03 Farm_AOII_02























Hidden Torture Farm: “Agent ONE trains the spy for her own end and goals.”
As a kind of second part Agent ONE has interrogated and broken the spy.
What do you think about when she wants to use him for her own goals? But I guess
there is some extreme hard training necessary ..isn’t it?

What are your ideas?


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Movie making today

I have had a lot of fun..and I’m sure the actor too and also I’m sure… there will be a part four of Dr.Psycho ;-)
I’ll let you know here or Facebook when the movie comes out.











Of course I’m waiting for good weather and a chance to shoot again on the hidden torture farm but in the past it’s raining and raining, so I’ll shoot in my salon today with the same actor from the last farm movie.Some ideas? I’m thinking about to return again as Dr.Psycho and torture the horny victim and/or give him an “anti-horny sexual treatment” ;-)

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New shooting with Bootlicker 09/02/2013

First chapters out on Clips4Sale:
Buy Now
Thx for all the ideas but I don’t know that Bootlicker brought this crazy spiky high heels for me, I must use them in the movie:

SpikyHeels01 SpikyHeels02 SpikyHeels03



















Any ideas which way we should go?
Dog play, living furniture…?


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Hidden Torture Farm meets Agent ONE ?

Wow, I ‘ve had a lot of fun and the victim a lot of trouble’n’pain – this time without any
whips or canes – just classical interrogation torture…love it!
Out now on C4S

BlogFarm_AO-01 BlogFarm_AO-02










..could that be a cool movie shooting idea at 08/09/2013?
Let me know your thoughts….

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Hidden Torture Farm 02 – Shoot 07/13/2013

The weather was perfect and I have had a lot of fun:

Farm02_01 Farm02_02





















At Saturday we will shoot again at the hidden torture farm with my new CP slave from Swiss.
Any ideas for a story?
– some kind of interrogation – next Agent ONE movie?
– kidnapping and torture – hidden torture farm 01?
– hunting and bagging the victim?

Tell me your ideas till Saturday morning!



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Movie shooting with special guest from UK Domina Liza and two slaves – Monday 07/01/2013

“The English way of tea party”
What’s happen when the weather is to bad for horse back riding outside?
Let’s have a tea and use the slaves for having fun – may in some battles?
Mistress against Mistress, slaves against slave…who wins?
Visit Domina Liza

TeaTime01 TeaTime02 TeaTime03


















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New movie – new actor 06/04/2013

I have form my own opinion… to buy the movie click here or in MCinema Member around 06/29/2013

UrsCP02 UrsCP01










Today I invited an actor from swiss who has sendet me his application – let’s see what he can stood.


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Oil painting from my legs to buy!

Unique – only one picture!
Size with frame 28cm x 34cm, frame size 2,5cm, oil painting, hand made
The paintings goes to the highest bidder, the current bid is 250EUR – do you bid more?
Send your bids to my email:
If you like I can send you the original photo picture signed with my autograph too.

Unikat – nur ein Bild vorhanden!
Rahmen: 28cm x 34cm, Rahmenbreite 2,5cm, Öl, von Hand gemalt.
Das Bild wird an den meistbietenden verkauft, das aktuelle Gebot liegt bei 250€, bieten Sie mehr? Senden Sie mir Ihr Gebot per Email:
Bei Erwerb sende ich Ihnen gern auf Wunsch das dazugehörige Foto mit Autogram.




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