New shooting with Bootlicker 09/02/2013

First chapters out on Clips4Sale:
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Thx for all the ideas but I don’t know that Bootlicker brought this crazy spiky high heels for me, I must use them in the movie:

SpikyHeels01 SpikyHeels02 SpikyHeels03



















Any ideas which way we should go?
Dog play, living furniture…?


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Hidden Torture Farm meets Agent ONE ?

Wow, I ‘ve had a lot of fun and the victim a lot of trouble’n’pain – this time without any
whips or canes – just classical interrogation torture…love it!
Out now on C4S

BlogFarm_AO-01 BlogFarm_AO-02










..could that be a cool movie shooting idea at 08/09/2013?
Let me know your thoughts….

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Hidden Torture Farm 02 – Shoot 07/13/2013

The weather was perfect and I have had a lot of fun:

Farm02_01 Farm02_02





















At Saturday we will shoot again at the hidden torture farm with my new CP slave from Swiss.
Any ideas for a story?
– some kind of interrogation – next Agent ONE movie?
– kidnapping and torture – hidden torture farm 01?
– hunting and bagging the victim?

Tell me your ideas till Saturday morning!



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Movie shooting with special guest from UK Domina Liza and two slaves – Monday 07/01/2013

“The English way of tea party”
What’s happen when the weather is to bad for horse back riding outside?
Let’s have a tea and use the slaves for having fun – may in some battles?
Mistress against Mistress, slaves against slave…who wins?
Visit Domina Liza

TeaTime01 TeaTime02 TeaTime03


















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New movie – new actor 06/04/2013

I have form my own opinion… to buy the movie click here or in MCinema Member around 06/29/2013

UrsCP02 UrsCP01










Today I invited an actor from swiss who has sendet me his application – let’s see what he can stood.


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Oil painting from my legs to buy!

Unique – only one picture!
Size with frame 28cm x 34cm, frame size 2,5cm, oil painting, hand made
The paintings goes to the highest bidder, the current bid is 250EUR – do you bid more?
Send your bids to my email:
If you like I can send you the original photo picture signed with my autograph too.

Unikat – nur ein Bild vorhanden!
Rahmen: 28cm x 34cm, Rahmenbreite 2,5cm, Öl, von Hand gemalt.
Das Bild wird an den meistbietenden verkauft, das aktuelle Gebot liegt bei 250€, bieten Sie mehr? Senden Sie mir Ihr Gebot per Email:
Bei Erwerb sende ich Ihnen gern auf Wunsch das dazugehörige Foto mit Autogram.




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New movie making with Miss Diana & Bootlicker

Here are the pictures from Thursday:
















I’ll welcome Miss Diana today afternoon and invite her for a nice and funny game with my Bootlicker…

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New movie making 4/19/2013

Well I ‘ve had a nice afternoon with a resilient and submissive new slave actor. I give him some tests with electro play, cbt, nipple torture and tasks like boot licking&worship and foot licking&massage…

















A new actor join us on Friday and we will make
a movie with the main theme foot worship.
Any requests or suggestions?









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Escort to Beirut

Beirut01 Beirut02

I just want to say bye and remember that I’m off for some days!

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Who gives my car a spar treatment

Thanks to M. ;-)


Who gives my car a spar treatment?
Beauty Car Berlin


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