New movie making with Miss Diana & Bootlicker

Here are the pictures from Thursday:
















I’ll welcome Miss Diana today afternoon and invite her for a nice and funny game with my Bootlicker…

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New movie making 4/19/2013

Well I ‘ve had a nice afternoon with a resilient and submissive new slave actor. I give him some tests with electro play, cbt, nipple torture and tasks like boot licking&worship and foot licking&massage…

















A new actor join us on Friday and we will make
a movie with the main theme foot worship.
Any requests or suggestions?









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Escort to Beirut

Beirut01 Beirut02

I just want to say bye and remember that I’m off for some days!

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Who gives my car a spar treatment

Thanks to M. ;-)


Who gives my car a spar treatment?
Beauty Car Berlin


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Next shooting with Caneboy 3/1/2013

..well, we have had a nice, funny and bloody afternoon: special guest Miss Diana





















Caneboy is now on the way to my dungeon and can’t read this post.
I have invited Miss Diana as a surprise for the 3 years anniversary.
So today we will have a double session ;-)



…a hint? goes on like it starts exactly three years before ;-)


..and maybe a surprise to the 3 years “under my cane party” ;-)

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Next shooting with Bootlicker 2/25/2013

Here are the first pictures from yesterday. Thx “PJ” for the sexy long crotch thigh high boots ;-)






















Details following asap

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Facebook & co



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Movie shoot with Bootlicker 1/14/2013

This boot are to sell? Christian Louboutin
Make your offer to:

Title “Bootlicker degraded and humiliated to a sissy”










Over many years Bootlicker needs to come for bootlicking training to Madame Catarina. Seemingly with out any success. Thats why today Bootlicker get no pain, he will get a punishment in degrading and humiliating…/ Bootlicker wird seit Jahren zum Training bei Madame Catarina einbestellt, scheinbar ohne Erfolg. Deshalb muss statt Schmerzen heute eine neue Stafe  in Form von Demütigung her…
Keywords: Bootlicker, cross-dressing, leather, boots, gloves, high heels, sissy, maid, strap-on sucking,


Probably I’ll wear this two pair of boots and will offer one after the shooting in my shop
Same for the worn stockings or pantyhose dependent on my outfit.

First Pair click

Second pair:

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New: Private worn items from Madame Catarina

The catalog will updated with stockings and seemed nylons soon as possible.
If you have any suggestions, let me know!


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24/7 total control

Who is first?

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