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SPECIAL X-MAS offer and ONLY about x-mas: FULL MOVIE of 1:18hour length for only 49min for $ 49 !!!!      

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Movie shoot today at the torture farm’s cellar and new actor

                                            We’ll shoot today again on my lovely cruel torture farm but just in the underground, it’s raining and … Weiterlesen

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Don’t forget your Goddess birthday at the December 8th

Thanks for the presents they’ve already arrived but for the dawdler the last minute option: Amazon Wishlist Ars Vivendi Wishlist            

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Advent/Winter Special – Overnight stay

Advent/Winter Special – Overnight stay Ob in meinem Studio im Käfig, an der langen Kette bei Sklavenarbeit oder auf meinem Bauernhof, der Winter lädt ein, es sich gemütlich zu machen. Ein bisschen Stroh oder doch der Lederfesselsack? Winter/Advents-Special bietet Ihnen … Weiterlesen

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New shooting: “Bootlicker under the des II – Making a Tax Inspector a Slave”

We’ve shoot yesterday a new and long version of Bootlicker under the desk. First chapter online on C4S now! Story: Madame Catarina has a visitor – a tax inspector from the tax office. But she is absolutely not amused about … Weiterlesen

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I’m very proud to be invited for second time at the Avalon Residence “Red Ass Day” event for special guest. Get already my canes watering….. ;-)   MC

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New project – new website “BDSM DOUBLE-TROUBLE”

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Last Shooting “Bootlicker’s Doggy Day

Bootlicker’s Doggy Day IV First chapter out now in MCinema or Clips4Sale        

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Hidden torture farm shooting today 06/18/2014

Here we go with the first pictures from the pool party yesterday – what a nice afternoon in the sun. I’ve just missed a cool cocktail – but if the slave enjoy the same?  I’m not sure ;-)     … Weiterlesen

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New shooting again with the marvelous Domina Liza at 2nd June 2014

First pictures from Monday shoot:   What a nice message as Liza  told me she came back to Berlin for some shooting and of course with me as well. So we’ll meet up at Monday and I have invited my … Weiterlesen

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