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New movie shoot with Bootlicker 08/28/2015 at the HTF

Always when I went to my hidden farm I’m feeling in vacation, almost the weather is nice and sunny. So I decided to make my Bootlicker my Ponyboy, hitching him up and make a round over the fields – better … Weiterlesen

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Review of the Hidden Torture Farm Event August 14th – 16th 2015

NEWS: Next HTF Event will be in October! Dates coming up soon. MC **************************************************************     Just returned from the HTF Event last weekend here are the first pictures. One of the clients allowed my slave pj to photograph with … Weiterlesen

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Stop Press- Hidden Torture Farm New Sessions Available

Stop Press- Hidden Torture Farm New Sessions Available As the start of the special sessions at the Hidden Torture Farm approaches a few rare opportunities to serve Madame Catarina and Lady Stella have arisen. Due to unforeseen circumstances a very … Weiterlesen

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Two years anniversary of my property and slave pj

08/11/2015 My slave pj arrived yesterday eve and has to get locked in his CB immediately – the key hangs around my neck ;-) Then I send him to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant for pick up my dinner, I have … Weiterlesen

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