Monatsarchive: Dezember 2011

Madame Catarina is wishing you a happy new year!

Thanks for all kind wishes on birthday, x-mas and happy new year, for all nice presents and gift cards! There was so much that I can’t answer everybody in person. I wish all my fans, friend, slaves and the envier’s … Weiterlesen

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Movie Shoot with Bootlicker 12/22/2011

The name of the movie is „Bootlicker as retro shoe shine machine“ and comes out in my MCinema at the 30th of December 2011. And the story is :Cooped up in a big traveling box Bootlicker has to escort Madame … Weiterlesen

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I added some more pics…..Some pictures from my last trip…


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Don’t forget your Goddess birthday at 12/08/2011

..and of course x-mas too. Because I’m flying on the 8th to my sailing Nile trip I’ll surprised about a lot of nice presents when I’m back one week later.

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X-mas shooting on 12/5/2011

Here are the pictures from our shooting yesterday: I would love to make a funny human x-mas try to my own pleasure. I’ll let you know more about the shooting and the first pictures tomorrow. MC

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