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17/1/2011 Movie shoot today with Bootlicker

Hello! Here are the first pictures from yesterday, I hope you’ll enjoy! MC PS: The pvc boots are available at Ebay if you are interested to buy worn boots  of Madame Catarina .EBAY

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1/8/2011 Movie shoot today „Pilloried and chained up“

Good morning! The movie is out now and I’m proud to tell you that we’ve English subtitled it! MC Hello, we are working at the moment on he second movie of „Pilloried“ for the MCinema and I’ll post some pictures … Weiterlesen

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Greetings from the sea

Hello, I would like to wish everybody a very good new year! Thanks for all friendship and association in the past. And no, I’m not on a sea vacation, I’m AT the sea ;-) But for a special guy I … Weiterlesen

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